IBV: Ushering a New Way of Working Together

Alessandro Teglia, Chief Digital Officer
With an incredible track record of operational, strategic, and leadership excellence, Alessandro Teglia, Chief Digital Officer at IBV, bands together with a cohort of IT professionals and developers to innovate a novel way of working with geographically dispersed teams. Capitalizing on the expertise of these like-minded IT pundits, IBV brings to the table a state-of-the-art, real time collaborative solution that allows different business teams to work together on a single virtual board across various devices. Already established as a major player in data management, IT security, and software development, the firm today specializes in developing business applications tapping cutting-edge technologies, such as Microsoft’s Surface Hub, HoloLens, and Kinect.

IBV’s intuitive collaborative application, CollaBoard, leverages natural input technologies such as inking, touch, and voice commands in conjunction with augmented and virtual reality. “Our natural user interface helps businesses modernize their virtual meetings, digital workshops, and brainstorming sessions by co-create remotely,” explains Teglia. The application is not only optimized for the Surface Hub, but also for all new large touch screens running Windows 10 that are coming to the modern work and meeting spaces (e.g. Dell, Samsung). More importantly, CollaBoard does not compromise with security as it stores all user data in the Azure Cloud while granting users reliable and easy access to their files and documents as and when required.

Also, CollaBoard can seamlessly integrate with any network, domain, or technology used by clients, thus delivering a unique customer experience. For instance, if a client does not want to transfer their data to the cloud, IBV deploys CollaBoard on-premise on the client’s local servers. CollaBoard is a framework that can be expanded and personalized based on customers’ needs.

Teglia further goes on to explain how CollaBoard came to the aid of a consultancy firm that was focused on conducting brainstorming sessions for enterprises.

Our natural user interface helps businesses modernize their virtual meetings, digital workshops, and brainstorming sessions by co-creating remotely

The client assisted companies in building case studies and scenarios to generate new leads or create a marketing campaign. Several companies attended the sessions organized by the team of consultants on a daily basis. However, it was challenging for them to communicate with such a lot of clients as it relied on a whiteboard and sticky notes to share ideas. At this point, IBV came forth and introduced CollaBoard while educating the team on how to use the Surface Hub. Having deployed CollaBoard, the firm was able to reach out to more customers in a single session. Besides, all their content was saved on Azure and readily made available to all users.

Owing to its qualified expertise in the Surface Hub, IBV today provides comprehensive training to enterprises worldwide. From installation to configuration, the IBV team avidly steers customers in every step so the latter can execute a quick and effective integration of the Surface Hub into their existing business processes. According to Teglia, IBV’s ability to mold up-and-coming technologies to revamp the face of collaboration is what sets the company apart from its equivalents in the market.

At the heart of IBV’s solutions is its retinue of seasoned developers, a number of them being Microsoft MVPs. Exhibiting fervent dedication, the team at IBV strives to uphold the company’s 36-year old legacy by continuing to invest in the Surface Hub and position themselves as Surface Hub specialists. “We seek to create an environment where people can feel they are part of a team but not necessarily by meeting in person every single day,” Teglia winds up.


Bonstetten, CH

Alessandro Teglia, Chief Digital Officer

Develops a real-time collaborative solution that connects different teams on a single virtual board via natural user interface