ICF International: Implements Programs And Policies For Positive Student And Teacher Outcome

CIO VendorSudhakar Kesavan, Founder
ICF International is a global, diversified firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions spanning sectors like education, energy, environment, infrastructure, health, social programs, consumer, financial, public safety and defense markets. This partnership conceives and implements solutions and services that protect and improve the quality of life providing lasting solutions to society's most challenging management, technology and policy issues.

In the education sector, ICF International works with policymakers and providers in early childhood, K-12, and post secondary and adult education to develop and implement programs and policies for positive student and teacher outcomes. Rigorous research, mixed-method evaluation, and evidence-based technical assistance equip educators with data to make informed practical decisions and necessitate changes for better linkages between educational and workforce development systems. ICF’s expertise umbrella alleviates important pain points in early childhood education, dropout prevention, programming for at-risk youth, and access to post secondary education, school-to-work training, literacy and rural education.

Mining solutions from the deep domain expertise in education, families and youth, ICF advances practical, data-driven solutions that inform effective community engagement programs and policies that bolster student achievements.

Assessment, Reflection, Action, Documentation (ARAD) model developed by ICF improves planning, accountability and performance of teacher development programs. The model bases a training curriculum on assessment of the needs of teachers in their specific environments. Communication experts at ICF produce programs for parents and other community members to be involved in schools, help board members and other stakeholders collaborate effectively and cultivate new skills.
“ICF’s extensive capabilities in comprehensive data systems and analysis enable staff to organize and analyze student information and data systems in order to identify patterns of achievement, offering educators the data-based insights that allow for programmatic and pedagogical decisions,” says Sudhakar Kesavan, CEO of ICF International.

Improving student achievement requires appropriate alignment of student assessments with curricula and standards, building teacher capacity to effectively instruct diverse groups of students and improved systems for evaluating and rewarding teacher performance. By combining proficiency in research and evaluation with skill in training and technical assistance, ICF provides clients with best practices from research literature, solid insights and sensible applications they need, to turn research into practice. The trusted relationships formed with experienced administrators and teachers in the field, allows ICF disseminate information and recommendations effectively.

New mandates require that states and school districts move toward an integrated education system in the United States, with coordinated service delivery mechanisms. ICF help clients achieve this objective by providing in-depth analysis and solid recommendations for increasing, interagency partnership and collaboration, standardization of essential system elements, alignment of policies, standards and regulations. In partnership with educators, ICF examines evaluation and feedback to assess what was learned, worked, and what needs improvement.

ICF serves as a trusted training and technical assistance (T/TA) consultant to many education clients, including the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Qualified coaches with expertise in behavioral and organizational dynamics help clients build staff and leadership capacity and create attainable and sustainable solutions.

It is in ICF’s constant endeavor to address educational challenges, creating an educated population, helping build healthier communities contributing to a robust national economy.

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Sudhakar Kesavan, Founder

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