Icimo: Rendering Story-Driven Data Visuals

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Bryce Gartner, Founder & Chief Experience Officer
῾The beauty of information visualization is that it can add a narrative element to the data which makes it more meaningful,’ says Bryce Gartner, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Icimo. As data continues to grow exponentially across all sectors, Gartner’s thoughtful insights resonate well in today’s data-driven world where anyone reliant on data finds it hard to understand the meaning of data with just numbers and texts. The need of the hour is a powerful visual representation of the entire data that enables business users to describe data with a story and empowers them to find the answers to their questions. Making this a reality is a data visualization tool.

“We offer value-added services and resell the top products in data visualization space that empower organizations to derive deeper and invaluable insights from the data,” says Gartner. As an industry veteran with over a decade of experience in BI and data analytics, Gartner laid the cornerstone for Icimo in 2010 with a vision to help organizations uncover the hidden story in their data and make critical business decisions.

Certified as a Tableau Gold Partner and Reseller and an Alteryx Partner and Reseller, Icimo has been instrumental in analyzing the customer’s business environment and recommending the right software to help them gain the highest ROI. Icimo has a product suite that is designed to overcome the obstacles that may arise in the process of shifting to the data-driven approach.

“Our aim is to simplify the implementation of visualization tools such as Tableau and Alteryx Software and help our clients become data-driven as an organization,” states Gartner.

In order to better manage the Tableau server environment, Icimo has come up with TEAM Suite that monitors and analyzes the organizational performance of Tableau server environment. Icimo’s TEAM Suite comprises two core workbooks, Team Audit, and Team Analysis that help to optimize user engagement with Tableau Software. TEAM Suite offers a user-friendly dashboard, through which customers can gain a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with the Tableau Server.

Our aim is to simplify the implementation of visualization tools such as Tableau and Alteryx Software and help our clients become data-driven as an organization

Along with monitoring and analyzing reports associated with sales, revenue, and inventory management, anyone who uses Tableau such as data scientists, administrators, various stakeholders, and business users can get the analysis of when data sources are being used and by whom. All in all, Icimo’s TEAM Suite empowers analysts and data scientists to easily discover, prepare, blend, and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, and deploy and share analytics with business users for deeper insights quickly.

At the core of their services, Icimo offers custom training that is designed to quickly educate and help users get acquainted with new tools. “Whether customers are just getting started or need advanced training, we customize programs to meet their specific requirements,” says Gartner.

To elaborate more on the value proposition of the company, Gartner cites a scenario where Icimo not only assisted Purple Wave, one of the largest no-reserve internet auction firms in streamlining their data management strategy, but also changed their entire business focus priming them for growth. Purple Wave partnered with Icimo to understand the data they were collecting in a meaningful way. Using Icimo’s products, Purple Wave is now able to market to customers and prospects with the confidence of having access to meaningful insights.

With a proven track record of helping organizations make critical business decisions based on insights, Gartner says, “Our ultimate aim is to create an environment where customers can harness the data to enhance business performance and bring in innovations to work smartly and efficiently.”


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Bryce Gartner, Founder & Chief Experience Officer

From their beginnings in 2010 to present, Icimo has dedicated themselves to service and continuing to strengthen their capabilities. They help both established and high growth organizations leverage their existing data to increase their return-on-investment (ROI) and consistently grow their business. Icimo is a Gold Tableau Software Partner and Alteryx Partner. Icimo makes data accessible, interactive and simple to understand. They help organization see and think differently about their data resulting in smarter decisions and better business outcomes