Iciniti Corporation: Redefining the eCommerce Space

Every day, new ideas and strategies take the e-commerce world by storm. Iciniti has been at the forefront of these since its inception in 1999. Back then, integration between a web store and the accounting system was a new concept, especially in the mid-market, but that is exactly what Iciniti pioneered. Today, integration means much more. People expect integration between their web store and ERP, but they also want integration to their Web Content Management System (WCMS), social media, analytics and Customer relationship Management (CRM). Companies want the technology to integrate, but it is also critical that the user experience between a company’s website and web store have a uniform look-and-feel.

And once again Iciniti is leading the way. Iciniti’s fifth generation integrated ecommerce platform; eCommSuite5 builds the deep integration to Sage 300 that Iciniti has done for year but to this mix they added deep integration to the Telerik Sitefinity WCMS. Effectively ecommerce enabling every page in your website, all while delivering social media, analytics and mobile functionality.

“We believe e-commerce content is simply a sub-set of all other corporate content. With that belief in mind it just made sense to integrate it to a WCMS. The upshot is that our customers simply inherit all of the work that Sitefinity is doing on mobile, analytics, Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) and much more. As an example, the entire e-commerce site is made responsive, enabling it to run on all devices with a single set of source code. It is then integrated into the ERP and CRM system to enhance our customer’s marketing experience,” notes Parkinson.

Iciniti’s deep knowledge of Sage 300 allows them to build a product that their customers want—a robust e-commerce solution. “If a consumer wants to change the pricing details, the alterations are made in Sage ERP and it automatically updates the webstore. When an order is placed in the website, it is automatically entered into Sage 300 ERP and more importantly, customers can manage their own account by viewing all orders, invoices and payments online.

“It is all about creating deep integration so data is only entered once which gives great value to clients.
This also greatly reduced the cost of operation,” says Parkinson. One of Iciniti’s clients in Northern Canada saved about $109,500 in the first years of using Iciniti's solution in conjuction with Sage 300 ERP. The client’s former, non-integrated web store required all orders to be keyed into the ERP by hand causing data errors, which lead to the loss of thousands of dollars in shipping costs. The integration resulted in the elimination of data duplication, leading to a better customer experience and a quick ROI.

The major benefit to customers is that because Iciniti’s solution has been built inside of a WCMS, they don’t need technical staff to add content and pages. Instead, the marketing or sales staff can create pages for promotion and drag and drop e-commerce controls, or any other content controls onto it. This reduced the cost of maintaining the site and also introduced added flexibility. Iciniti’s eCommSuite 5, is a powerful collection of customizable integrated e-commerce applications. These applications can run as a complete e-commerce package or as individual modules. The applications include Iciniti Store, Iciniti Credit Card, Iciniti Order Reader, and Iciniti Customer Portal.

It is all about creating deep integration so data is only entered once which gave great value to clients

Looking ahead, the next rational step in the path of Iciniti is to create an SDK that allows developers to make the required changes. “Our products are fairly open, but we would like to give developers more access to our source code so that they can make changes to it. The next product inclusion will be Sage 100 to our suite of integrated solutions,” concludes Parkinson.

Iciniti Corporation

London, ON

Bill Parkinson, President

Provides Sage 300 ERP integration to build e-commerce solutions for customers.