Icologiq EQMS: The EQMS that Delivers Improved Quality and Instant Cost Savings

Peer Reinhard, CEO & Founder
With customer satisfaction becoming the major driver behind most product offerings, the importance of quality control and assurance has never been greater. That’s why enterprises today are looking for smart Enterprise Quality Management Solution (EQMS) systems that can help them deliver it.

Icologiq has grown to be a major EQMS software solution provider for enterprises. The Icologiq EQMS, based on decades of experience of responding to customer needs, is a single software platform which brings together all the various elements of QMS. This gives organization-wide uniformity which can lead to improved quality and cost savings. According to Peer Reinhard CEO and Founder of Icologiq: “With our software platform, our customers work safer and smarter through digitizing and harmonizing their global support processes.”

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in quality and safety, the Icologiq EQMS has different modules that can be adapted to the specific needs of different types of organization. In particular it helps front line workers in tracking process flows – giving them a real-time view of product and process quality as well as insights into how customers are being served and objectives are being met.

Since its foundation, Icologiq has worked with leaders in the food and agricultural industries such as global vegetable seed company HM.Clause. “The Agriculture and Food & Beverage industries need a global approach to compete in international markets against a wide variety of competitors,” says Peer. “The success of these companies is based largely on what they know about their customers.” This is what prompted HM.Clause to standardize their global QMS processes in 2014 by taking control of business-critical processes, such as customer complaints, continuous improvement, document control and audit management, using Icologiq’s EQMS to give best-in-class uniformity in global operations.

One unifying enterprise platform to serve the whole organization with QMS best practices

The real beauty of the concept is that it can be tailored to offer a very customer-centric approach because the software configures every conceivable process from the enterprise at one end to the end-user at the other.

Today, mobility and flexibility are increasingly important factors in the ways enterprises operate. So, to serve them better, Icologiq recently launched a versatile mobile platform – Icologiq EQMS. Featuring a wide range of impressive functionality as well as high levels of security, it enables enterprises to benefit from Icologiq’s platform on any mobile device. It gives businesses greater transparency into their processes and key insights into customer issues – such as product performance. What’s more, the mobile application can be connected seamlessly with existing systems already deployed in the company.

As companies grow on an international scale it becomes more and more important for them to consolidate systems and processes making them consistent in all territories and at every level of the business. The Icologiq EQMS is set up for international deployment and plays a vital role in harmonizing the efforts of all regional offices or affiliates. The result is a single sustainable company in which disparate departments act as one by adopting the same ways of working in terms of quality, safety and risk management. This has the added benefit of creating a consistent experience for customers as well who will enjoy a seamless service wherever they are in the world.

Icologiq EQMS

Enschede, The Netherlands

Peer Reinhard, CEO & Founder

Icologiq has created a smart, easy-to-use and mobile EQMS solution

Icologiq EQMS