Iconixx Software: Unleashing the Beasts to Optimize Sales

Derrik Deyhimi, CEO
When measuring power and brand-value of the world’s fastest growing, most successful companies, analysts have found one commonality: All invest in technology to empower their sales professionals to be primal, quota-crushing beasts.

Amidst ongoing tech trends, “Tools which enhance speed, visibility and accuracy are not only in demand, but are prerequisites to employ top-performing sales executives,” comments Derrik Deyhimi, CEO of Iconixx Software. “Sales managers require solutions that minimize bureaucratic irritations.”

In light of demand, Austin-based Iconixx Software delivers a cloud-native product to optimize commission management. “We provide the opportunity to ‘unleash the beast’ through our compensation solution that automates plans, eliminates sales downtime caused by trivial administration and increases performance visibility across companies,” states Mr. Deyhimi.

From managing commissions to facilitating bonus and compensation strategies, Iconixx Software serves as an end-to-end solution that mitigates challenges encountered by sales organizations. The Iconixx product automates design and administration of compensation plans to remove manual burdens of calculating.

“When commission payouts are predictable and dependable, everyone in the sales ecosystem is motivated to focus on revenue generating activities,” adds Derrik. Additionally, the flexibility factor in the Iconixx platform simplifies the most complex and varied of compensation designs.

The demonstrated Iconixx platform, which has been benefiting their customers for over a decade, eradicates errors and miscalculations that commonly erode the confidence of sales professionals. “Salespeople are most effective when they focus on their work, with self-assurance their company always has their back on payday,” says Derrik.

There are three different product modules within the Iconixx platform. Each solution is a cloud-based, SaaS solution geared at different areas of variable and incentive compensation. Iconixx Sales, the company’s flagship solution, automates the administration and calculation of sales commissions.

Tools which enhance automation, visibility, and accuracy are not only in demand, but are prerequisites to employ top-performing sales executives

The solution features automation, dashboards and reporting capabili¬ties that a manual, spreadsheet-based process, cannot provide. Additionally, compensation administrators are enabled with the ability to quickly create, test, and roll out new plans.

Iconixx Incentive is a solution designed to increase flexibility, accuracy and visibility for companies managing bonus payouts. Iconixx Merit facilitates salary planning and includes a workflow component and innovative budgeting capabilities. Iconixx’s solutions provide compensation administrators the tools they need to quickly and accurately determine employee compensation, and leave more time to focus on strategic initiatives. With Iconixx, Finance teams are also empowered with modeling and forecasting tools that are not available when relying on manual spreadsheet calculations.

Iconixx Customer Use Case: U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP), an independent national financial services firm, struggled to manage a mass volume of compensation data, from a variety of source systems. Their manual entry process was time consuming, error prone and provided little visibility into meaningful performance. However, following their Iconixx activation, USRP automated data integration, calculations, analysis, and reporting. The result: A streamlined, error-free process, delivering dependable performance measures; requiring minimal time and expense.

“Iconixx Software recently celebrated our 18th birthday, which inspired us to reflect on the impact we have made, not only in our market, but within our customers' businesses. The significance and value is indisputable. We are welcoming new customers each week, and the demand for our solution is irrefutable. Iconixx is enthusiastic about our plans for exponential growth in the coming months and years,” concludes Derrik.

Iconixx Software

Austin, TX

Derrik Deyhimi, CEO

Delivers high-end compensation management solutions that immediately increase sales performance and visibility across organizations while eradicating manual work, confusion and errors

Iconixx Software