iCube Consultancy Services: Advanced Business Analytics for Information Revolution

Kiran Kala, CEO
In today’s context, analytics has evolved from a mere descriptive perspective to a broader and predictive affair—providing businesses with a clear view of the future through deep insights from business outcomes based on huge volumes and variety of data. But not many organizations tap into the value of data and the impact it can create through Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence. Filling this space and helping businesses perform better is iCube Consultancy Services, a Jacksonville, FL based company providing Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search solutions for enterprises.

Spearheaded by Kiran Kala, the CEO and founder of the company, along with Dr. Murthy Kolluru as chief scientific officer, and Surya Jonnavithula a serial silicon-valley technology startup entrepreneur, iCube focuses on providing Advanced Information Access solutions for medium to large enterprises with a high caliber team of data scientists and engineers from Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Iowa State, Georgia State, University of Texas, and University of Pennsylvania.

“The 21st century has witnessed an explosion of data that shows no signs of abating. This poses both an opportunity and a challenge for large companies, whose databases are brimming with business information of enormous and frequently untapped value,” opines Kala. Combating this complexity of Big Data with various offerings to deliver a competitive advantage and to enhance client performance, iCube’s offerings include consulting, systems integration, solution development and support services.

We are, above all, relevant, combining profound domain expertise—we are data scientists of the highest caliber—with thorough business knowledge across diverse industries and functions

A paradigm shift is underway as society moves from the information revolution phase to knowledge revolution. Kala believes that the winners in the market today are those who can monetize data wealth by leveraging insights that drive business decisions. iCube considers this to be a challenge, to surface those insights— and to act on them—better, faster, and more cost-effectively. “What a client needs is an actionable insight powered by a technology that takes them from data richness to insight richness quickly, easily, and with pinpoint accuracy; and iCube succeeds in providing such solutions,” says Kala.

The company’s Advanced Analytics Solution uses a proprietary tool kit with patent pending technology that transforms enterprises by providing rich and valuable insights through ‘Intuceo’. The backbone of Intuceo is a cutting-edge technology with five patent-pending analytics and predictive engines that penetrate into big structured data to yield actionable insights and predictive models. The company also offers Knowledge Management solutions that include strategizing, blueprinting, enterprise search, knowledge management and text analytics. The Business Intelligence offering of iCube addresses the needs of enterprise by providing self-service Business Intelligence applications that in turn benefit business users with comprehensive and on-demand services.

To highlight an interesting case study, a fortune 100 Pharma company in the U.S. wanted to identify fraudulent samples and build an automated fraud analytics system to detect fraud on ongoing basis during clinical trials. The company flipped through the solution offerings of many vendors but was only convinced after checking the portfolio of iCube. Towards this, iCube created a framework for data pre-processing and consideration using Hidden Insights and identified potential fraud pairs. iCube transformed and created datasets for further analysis and reporting and helped the pharma company to visualize the fraudulent pairs/clusters/transcription errors and analyze the data in a near real time environment.

Going forward, iCube plans to customize its analytic solutions to suit the individual needs of customers utilizing Intuceo tool kit and framework, to provide end to end engineered solutions Integrating BI/Search and Analytics technologies with BPM/ERP suite as desired. The company also plans to bring its customer analytics SaaS offering and ez-analytics tool kit for business analysts and consultants—powered by Intuceo, to enable companies apply analytics in a cost effective manner without seeking large investments for mid to small market segments.


Jacksonville, FL

Kiran Kala, CEO

Provides Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search solutions and services to large Enterprises and mid to small sized businesses.

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