ID Experts: Mitigating Data Breach and Alleviating Identity Theft and Fraud

Bob Gregg, CEO
Organizations across industries are constantly challenged with mitigating incoming threats that put corporate sensitive data at stake. Today’s sophisticated hackers can easily identify new vulnerabilities and break into even the most well-fortified websites and networks.

Though big cyber attacks and data breaches make the news headlines, the majority of data breaches are small and often go undetected. According to a recent Advisen report—Mitigating the Inevitable: How Organizations Manage Data Breach Exposures—55 percent of respondents believe that their company lacks the adequate resources to detect all breaches. Also, while 64 percent of organizations surveyed have cyber insurance, the majority of small breaches fall below cyber insurance policy deductibles that trigger coverage. This presents a service gap, leaving organizations susceptible to the negative consequences of a poorly managed breach response. As a leading provider of data breach mitigation and response services, ID Experts brings innovative software and services to address the risks of both its enterprise clients and the individuals affected by cybercrime. The company offers a range of identity protection, monitoring, recovery services, and technology solutions that can be customized to match the size and type of information breached, the specific risk of harm caused, and the people affected. “At ID Experts, we manage, mitigate, and respond to data breaches of all types and sizes,” states Bob Gregg, CEO, ID Experts. “Whether a breach affects five people or five million, we serve each person with individual care and skill.”

The company coordinates with outside counsel, breach coaches, and cyber insurance carriers to offer timely digital forensics investigation and analysis and help determine the scope of the breach, prevent damage, and plan the best response. “With our partnership, our clients manage critical media response to reduce negative brand exposure. We manage notification to individuals and regulating authorities to ensure compliance,” notes Gregg.

ID Experts uses proprietary technology in its MyIDCare™ identity protection solution in order to protect consumers at risk for identity fraud. MyIDCare protects individuals from nine types of identity theft including insurance, criminal, child, drivers’ license, social security, synthetic, financial, medical, and employment.

At ID Experts, we manage, mitigate, and respond to data breaches of all types and sizes

Across industries, healthcare currently is the most lucrative target for cyber attacks. Often, healthcare organizations lack the expertise to manage data breaches. ID Experts provides its proprietary Medical Identity Alert System (MIDAS™) technology to enable individuals to monitor medical transactions in order to detect potential fraud. Members can review their claims early on, keeping their medical identity safe and secure. MIDAS engages members to help reduce healthcare fraud and avoid medical identity theft—crimes that can cause life threatening harm to members and cost healthcare organizations billions of dollars each year.

With the growth of enormous amount of sensitive medical data, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), for example, has made identity protection services available to all of its 106 million members, as a preventative, value-add offering. ID Experts was selected as one of the preferred providers of these services and is now working with several BCBS companies to reduce the potential harm from breach risks.

Going forward, “We will continue to enhance our data breach response solutions and consumer identity protection and work with more industries that have data protection issues,” says Gregg. For instance, MIDAS, the new monitoring technology, will make a huge dent in medical identity theft; the fastest-growing identity crime. ID Experts is also planning to expand internationally to help large organizations that have operations outside the U.S. From a solution standpoint, “we always strive for the best outcomes possible. Whether it is with our individual clients who are trying to protect themselves from the ravages of identity theft or the enterprise customers that have suffered a data compromise, ID Experts has the experience to achieve the best possible outcome,” he concludes.

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Bob Gregg, CEO

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