ID Grup: Leveraging NetApp to Deliver Increased Productivity

Sergi Aguilar, COO
With 25 years of experience in the IT sector, the Barcelona-based ID Grup is one of the leading IT infrastructure services companies in Spain. It aims to maximize the productivity of clients by optimizing the value out of their IT investments. ID Grup offers integrations with leading technology suppliers such as NetApp, HPE, Microsoft, Commvault, VMWare, Citrix, Huawei, IBM and others. With more than 300 technical certifications, ID Grup guarantees the thorough training of its technical team and stands by its commitment to deliver quality services.

ID Grup understands the critical role the data plays in enabling enterprises to explore new market opportunities and achieve success. Through its partnership with leading storage manufacturer— NetApp—the company offers SAN and NAS storage solutions to enterprises to store and access information in a secure and faster way.

ID Grup introduced NetApp integrations into its catalog of solutions in 2006. “We got convinced by NetApp’s capability in optimizing the day-to-day operations of our clients,” says Sergi Aguilar, COO of ID Grup. During all these years, the company has successfully leveraged NetApp’s data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning capabilities to offer greater cost-efficiency to their clients. Additionally, the company enables greater security and faster recovery through NetApp’s data snapshot process. ID Grup was awarded the prize for the 2015 best project in Spain by NetApp. The company also received the NetApp Gold Partner 2018 accreditation and the Cloud Provider award of the year 2018.

In recent months, ID Grup has implemented Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) in its cloud solutions based on Netapp. Basically what the system does is, it stores the data accordingly to the need—the most important data gets stored in the fast and expensive storage systems, and the cold data is stored in slower and cheaper storage systems.
The company automates this process as per the client’s policies and facilitates the movement of data between the different storage environments. Additionally, ID Grup looks to leverage NetApp’s HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) to increase efficiency and convenience by combining compute and storage into a single scalable platform. The company helps clients integrate HCI with their own storage system, older NetApp systems, Hyperscale cloud storage system and all the other storage technologies. “We are the first Spanish partner to make an HCI event for clients. Therefore, we are in a position today to lead the implementation of HCI solutions nationwide,” says Aguilar.

The company follows a step-by-step strategy in client onboarding. The first step is to meet the customer and discuss their needs. After this, the clients have to choose their method of consumption. The company offers storage solutions that can be implemented on client’s premise, on the company’s data centers in Madrid and Barcelona, and on the hyperscale cloud platform provided by other companies like AWS, Azure, IBM cloud or Google cloud.

One of the advantages that the company brings here is that the deployment of a sophisticated infrastructure even on client´s premise could be based on pay-per-use method.

In addition to offering specialist solutions under the NetApp technology, ID Grup provides solutions in the field of cybersecurity, managed services, and cloud services including legacy systems. All these services are key elements of the strategy employed by the company to improve their client’s productivity.

“We are a little company with about 100 people, and we want to do the work well. This is the aim of ID Grup,” says Aguilar. He stresses that the most important thing for the company is to do things well and be honest with customers. ID Grup currently plans to increase the capabilities in the data centers in the next four years and also aims to expand their operations by taking advantage of their newly opened data center at Madrid.

ID Grup

Barcelona, Spain

Sergi Aguilar, COO

Specializes in designing and exploitation of complex critical infrastructures on a pay-per-use basis for obtaining maximum value for the client’s IT investments

ID Grup