iDashboards: Dynamic Dashboards for Powerful Insights into Manufacturing

Shadan Malik, President & CEO
From an evolutionary standpoint, if a company is in control of the environment they operate in, they have a better chance of survival. Bringing that control through easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards, iDashboards creates context for any organization—turning obsolete data into important decisions. “We make sure that every aspect of our software is easy to use. Our dashboards are available on the go and through our ViGraphics and Custom Maps, one can visualize data in a way that is completely specialized for their solution,” says Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards. This is extremely suitable for today’s manufacturers that are towered with challenges such as tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and critical business metrics related to inventory, plant performance, waste, production, cost of raw goods, and profitability. iDashboards’ Manufacturing Dashboard Software takes into account the clients’ data sources, business metrics, KPIs and ultimately provides real-time visibility with greater insight for the manufacturer.

The company offers iDashboards Enterprise Suite and iDashboards In Cloud as both allow users to make data driven decisions much faster, turning data into insight. The ability to monitor KPIs in real-time through these unique dashboard solutions enable managers to resolve issues like bottlenecks, equipment failures, and poor production, that will ultimately result in reduced costs and increased profitability. “A typical manufacturing dashboard can include metrics such as gross profit per part, time to ship, and inventory turnover,” informs John Hill, Enterprise Sales Manager, iDashboards.

iDashboards also provides a Display Solution which complements their product. This software uniquely displays dashboards in a slideshow format while retrieving live data at every cycle. “Our LCD Display Solution allows employees to see their productivity levels and that of their co-workers. This promotes improved output,” states Hill. Extending the dashboard solution to mobile users, iDashboards offers HTML5 for universal viewing capabilities.

Partnerships are an essential part of iDashboards’ current and future success, as they believe in developing strong alliances with partners for a win-win relationship.
Through their Solution Partner Program, iDashboards’ partners are able to quickly, and cost-effectively, build targeted dashboard solutions to meet their market needs, without the complexity of traditional business intelligence tools. “Due to the vast amount of data, complexity of technology environments and resource constraints, customers are demanding solutions from their vendors and not just tools. This program results in a best-of-breed enterprise-class dashboard solution,” remarks Hill. Adding to it, these solutions can be implemented in days or weeks unlike other BI implementations which often take months.

iDashboards’ Manufacturing Dashboard Software takes into account the clients’ data sources, business metrics, KPIs and ultimately provides real-time visibility

For Drake Extrusion, a manufacturer and distributor of polypropylene fiber, an expanding business resulted in increased data and the lack of a dashboard solution made it difficult to summarize that data. After implementing iDashboards, Drake Extrusion was able to combine all data from their current DB2 database and utilize iDashboards’ patented Interactive Intelligence to gain a better view of their data. The company was able to identify trends in real-time and take corrective actions accordingly. Since the implementation of iDashboards, Drake Extrusion has seen a 50 percent volume reduction in the waste level of their plant, with increases in product runnability, quality, and on shade performance.
Going forward, innovation is always on the charts for iDashboards and the company recently released their v8.5 software which provides users with enhanced design options, fostering an engaging end-user experience. With flexibility and creativity a top priority for the company, iDashboards is bound to see greater heights in near future.


Troy, MI

Shadan Malik, President & CEO

Provides easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards, giving real meaning to raw data in a visually rich and engaging manner.