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Rob Stocks, President & Founder
Are you running a mid-tier company with complex needs, big goals and global aspirations? If so, ideaLEVER is your ideal eBusiness partner.

Companies selling a simple product to customers in a single market have hundreds of platform choices. Fortune 500 companies also have lots of choices because money solves many problems. ideaLEVER focuses on helping up-and-coming brands.

“E-commerce is no longer just about using technology. It is about providing great customer experiences across web, mobile, social and retail channels. Merchants and brand owners need to be able to tie all of these pieces together to provide a seamless experience for the customers in global markets,” remarks Rob Stocks, President and Founder, ideaLEVER. With over two decades of experience in developing web and e-commerce solutions, ideaLEVER helps customers manage international expansion in an increasingly complex environment. In addition to design, consulting and marketing services, the company offers CommerceCM, a scalable and robust SaaS e-commerce platform that can be used for B2C or B2B sites.

CommerceCM is built from the ground up to support multi-currency and multi-lingual e-commerce. “International sales capability wasn’t an afterthought for CommerceCM; it was the whole purpose for building our own platform after spending years forcing the capabilities into other systems,” says Stocks. The original goal of CommerceCM was to make it easier for Canadian merchants to sell in the US without alienating Canadian customers, from there it was a natural evolution to help our customers expand to Europe and beyond. Growing internationally creates complexities for merchants. CommerceCM and ideaLEVER make international growth easier.

With CommerceCM, each product can have SEO-optimized copy, images, and other assets in multiple languages. Pricing can be based on regions representing landed costs in different territories to reflect market pricing and taxes.

We survived the DotCom crash in 2001 by focusing on continuing to provide great customer support and a solid ROI for our customers

CommerceCM also makes sure that products can be fulfilled from local inventory. “If a shopper in New York buys a gift for someone in France, CommerceCM will ensure that they are charged in Euros and the order is fulfilled from inventory in Europe,” extols Stocks. “We can even settle to multiple financial institutions so that revenue is earned by the correct business unit.” All of this can be controlled by a centralized team so that the e-commerce site is always on brand and the shoppers have a seamless experience.

Customer Mio Global had created a lot of global buzz on Kickstarter for their new strapless heart-rate watches. Mio knew they had a great product but were also facing stiff competition from established rivals. There was no time to launch their new product slowly or regionally. Their target customers are serious athletes who are active on social media, which knows no borders. Mio needed to establish their position globally before competitors and other new entrants could react. With ideaLEVER, CommerceCM, and an experienced team behind them, their new site launched in 3 months with 4 currencies and 7 languages. Mio hit the market fast and fulfilled international demand.

Looking forward to more growth in 2016, ideaLEVER is retooling CommerceCM to reduce deployment time and increase flexibility by standardizing on a responsive design framework. “We have a unique specialization which has let us grow organically by word of mouth. We are a great solution for the right customers and value the relationships we have with them,” concludes Stocks.


Vancouver, Canada

Rob Stocks, President & Founder

ideaLEVER Solutions is a web development and software company specializing in SaaS Content Management and multi-currency e-commerce for growing businesses.