Idealstor: Value-Driven Solutions for Backup Storage Needs

The internet has changed the way companies do business and that trend is going towards being open around the clock. However, there is a huge cost to downtime being available 24 hours and companies cannot afford to lose business to competitors due to technical problems. The biggest threat these days is not from natural disasters but from Ransomware which has created havoc for businesses of all sizes. “We’ve seen companies large and small pay ransomware just to get their data back and they have realized that disaster recovery and business continuity are just as important as any other form of insurance for their business,” says Nandan Arora, CTO, Idealstor. Determined to revolutionize the disaster recovery arena, Idealstor offers backup appliances that reduce the time taken to backup by 90 percent besides offering greater reliability. “Over the years we have refined and improved our product and added offerings that reduce the cost of downtime,” says Arora. Today, the company specializes in providing both disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to its customers at a value that only has been a prerogative of larger enterprises with deep pockets.

Idealstor’s flagship product— Flashback, offers disaster recovery, business continuity, on-site and offsite data protection and backup all in one. Flashback utilizes Hybrid Cloud technology to improve redundancy and give administrators greater protection for their systems and data. Clients also enjoy the feature of screenshot verification, which frees them from restoring data to verify recoverability of the backup, saving them a lot of time. Screenshot verification is a post backup process that boots up the recovery point in a test environment as a virtual machine. A screenshot of the login screen is then sent via e-mail to the administrator giving them complete peace of mind that the backup is recoverable, and can be booted up when required. All incremental backups are fully constructed where one backup is independent of the other. Recovery is instant, reducing the recovery time from days, hours or even minutes down to seconds locally or in the cloud. It’s an easy to use, robust solution that is affordable for the SMB market.

Idealstor also offers removable drive solutions and non-cloud backup software designed for businesses that cannot use the cloud, due to any reason like bandwidth, security or company policy.

Idealstor checks all the boxes for a comprehensive solution that not only offers disaster recovery, but also business continuity at an affordable price

In addition, the company provides a downtime calculator that enables a business to input their specific data to get an accurate picture of their true cost of downtime, assisting them with the decision-making process.

The company’s unique billing model takes the guesswork out of cloud billing. Storage for appliances is based on time-frames versus trying to estimate how many gigabytes a customer may need. It establishes a predictable cloud billing model for customers, which ensures they get a fixed monthly price, with no caps or data overages. “Idealstor checks all the boxes for a comprehensive solution that not only offers disaster recovery, but also business continuity at an affordable price,” notes Arora.

SMBs need the same advantage enjoyed by larger enterprises and Idealstor aims to continue bringing value driven solutions to the market by adding additional features and products to its portfolio that addresses real pain points at an affordable cost. “We can spin up an organization’s entire infrastructure in the cloud and give them secure access to all their resources. Even in a worst-case scenario, downtime is limited and businesses can have access to their data in minutes,” concludes Arora.


Austin, TX

Nandan Arora, CTO

Specializes in removable backup storage solutions, concentrating on data backup, archiving, migration, WORM and disaster recovery for businesses of all size