Ident Solutions: Safeguarding the Nation’s Critical Infrastructures

Lance Clark, CEO
The federal government defines critical infrastructures (CIFs) as the invaluable assets, services, and networks that constitute the backbone of the nation’s economy, security, and health. CIFs are regarded as the collective institutions whose security is vital for the socio-economic survival of American society.

The mission of law enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and other government agencies is to protect critical infrastructures across the country, and to help make them more secure and resilient. To that end, the FBI recently approved a policy change that allows the critical infrastructure facilities with unprecedented access to “hot file” data. This development opened the doors for the creation of FedCheck—a robust security solution created by Ident Solutions which is designed to help law enforcement agencies identify major blind spots within the critical infrastructure landscape.

Serving as a force multiplier to the law enforcement sector, Ident Solutions’ main objective is to empower law enforcement agencies with additional tools to help them, in turn, safeguard critical infrastructures. “Through FedCheck we provide law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures instant access to FBI data—which enables them to identify and screen their visitors in real time,” explains Ident Solutions CEO Lance Clark. “FedCheck lets them know immediately who they are dealing with, and whether to allow these visitors into their facilities.”

There are thousands of critical infrastructure facilities across the country, spread across sixteen different sectors—and all diverse in nature. Ident sits down with their CIF clients to fully understand their goals, and then ascertain how to align FedCheck within their security profile to meet their needs. The FedCheck solution works in conjunction with FBI as well as local law enforcement guidelines. The company integrates its solution into the existing visitor management systems of the CIF and simplifies the visitor screening process for them where they can easily and instantaneously initiate the query through the FBI and law enforcement database while checking visitors’ ID.

Through FedCheck we provide law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures instant access to FBI data to identify and screen their visitors in real time

“With FedCheck, the visitor screening process becomes extremely easy to streamline and makes it much more efficient and effective for the executives to do their job,” adds Clark.

As a record of FedCheck’s dexterity in protecting CIFs, Clark cites a case study of one of their clients, a top university that implemented FedCheck in one of their sports arenas to monitor a large inflow of third-party groups entering the space. The university started screening around 600 individuals attending the arena every day. Eventually, the university was able to perform more than 3,000 scans and successfully identify people who were potential threats, thus prohibiting their admission. Ident has experienced an equal success rate with other CIF clients such as hospitals, distribution centers, and airports.

Owing to the sizeable demography of CIFs in America, Ident’s sole focus is to widen its domain expertise and help law enforcement become more secure in their pursuit of supporting CIFs. “At Ident, we are all united in securing our nation’s critical infrastructure. Our team brings its unique law enforcement experience, truly understanding what it means to support law enforcement and their efforts,” says Clark.

The company continues to enhance its FedCheck solution, as well as developing additional tools to streamline other operations of law enforcement. “We are striving hard to rise as our nation’s leader in augmenting law enforcement’s efforts to safeguard the integrity of the country,” concludes Clark.

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Lance Clark, CEO

Offers FedCheck to secure enterprise facility by instantly screening visitors against a personalized selection of 12 different NCIC “person files”

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