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Dick Zhang, CEO
Long gone are the days when Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or “drones,” were primarily known for their military applications. The age of the tech-powered workforce is reaching a crescendo with the rapid adoption of drones bringing a thrilling wave of innovative uses in every industry, and construction is no exception. Identified Technologies is championing this technological trend and is poised to change the face of today’s construction site by combining cutting edge drone technology with advanced mapping insights.

Identified Technologies equips organizations with an automated analytical solution that accurately forecasts expenses, tracks progress, and even predicts ROI. “Empowering clients to ‘Know when others guess,’ our solutions bring diverse data sources together to enable businesses to make better decisions,” says Dick Zhang, CEO, Identified Technologies. The company uses its drones to map-out and manage large construction, energy, mining, and earth moving projects. This data is captured in minutes, in stark contrast to the traditional manual survey process that took weeks to months. Before drones technology, construction companies had an opaque construction workflow that frequently suffered project delays and surprise expenses that led to missed deadlines and lost profits.

Identified Technologies collects aerial data and simultaneously tracks progress, in near real-time. Getting the information needed to answer the most challenging questions is invaluable for industrial companies focusing on avoiding expenses and cost overruns. The company’s FAA-compliant software is also focused on bringing enhanced visibility across construction workflow to avoid delays and bottlenecks impacting the bottom line.

Data collection and analysis are at the heart of the drone solutions that Identified Technologies provides. Each drone has software that enables data capture, and analysis along with advanced change detection technology. These data insights assist in quantifying business costs, production, and profitability, with the push of a button. “Using traditional methods, a job site can take weeks or even months to survey so updates may only be captured once a year. On fast moving, fast changing job sites, old data is inaccurate data. Our software automates the collection and analysis process and provides users with immediate answers to their most important questions,” adds Zhang.

Our software automates the data collection and analysis process and provides users with immediate answers to their most important questions

With the widespread use of drones in the construction ecosystem, Identified Technologies grew by 900% last year by provisioning data and insights on the job site that was previously unattainable. However, Zhang believes that this trend is only accelerating. “For example, the technology that was cutting-edge a year ago is obsolete today and what’s cutting-edge now will be obsolete the next year. This propels every organization to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape and make innovation the backbone of product development. That’s why we include training, tech support and automatic software and hardware upgrades bundled in with our subscription. Our customers know they never have to worry about surprise expenses or technological obsolescence. Their technology is always up to date” Zhang elucidates.

In the light of the above statement, Identified Technologies has unleashed its first IoT offering, Truck IQ. This product, which is similar to a Fitbit for trucks, has a sensor package and software solution that measures load and cycle times from each vehicle on a job site and integrates it with aerial drone data ensuring faster more efficient operations. This device is especially useful for excavation and optimizing the performance and cost per unit of earthmoving vehicles.

Moving ahead, Identified Technologies is continuing its North American expansion. Zhang explains, “Enterprise customers who originally did regional pilot tests with us, are incorporating our solution into standard operating procedures nationwide. Our subscription is designed for smooth scaling, so we can rapidly train and equip your staff whether you have 1 job site or 1,000.”

In tandem with business expansion, Zhang recognizes that customer centricity is essential to organizational growth. For Construction and Mining CIO’s an innovative company that focuses on the customer means that when it comes to growing their business, the sky's the limit.

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Dick Zhang, CEO

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