IdentiSys: Bringing Innovation and Technology to the Gaming Floor

Michael R. Shields, President & CEO
Traditional gaming floors in casinos with standalone slot machines and poker tables are now modernizing to server-based, networked gaming floors. This has led the way for casinos to encash on an entirely new audience of potential punters. While optimizing its own offerings through technology, casinos are also looking for ways to constantly improve their customers’ experience to drive greater customer loyalty and retention. With its headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN, and service offerings in over 30 states in the U.S., IdentiSys offers a host of network solutions to its casino partners that ensure a smooth running of their gaming floors, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience.

The firm’s service offerings comprise a comprehensive solutions suite, which includes smart registration, Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) tracking, CCTV and security video management, ID management, and card printers, backed up by local representatives in each of the states they serve. “Our people are on-site, making sure our solutions are up and running and seeing their environment live, so we can help implement the solutions that make our clients even more successful,” says Michael R. Shields, President and CEO, IdentiSys. “Our smart registration and on-site card printing solution can read a customer’s driver’s license, and auto-populate all the information which the casinos need for printing the player cards,” explains Shields. The player cards, with built-in UHF tracking, can also automatically pick up the high-rollers, or certain unwanted individuals from the moment they step into the casino, and notify the pit boss that allows the casinos to mete out customer-specific treatment.

Gaming, albeit a major attraction in casinos, are not the only things patrons come in for. There is a horde of other service offerings, such as fine dining, retail shops, concerts, live shows, and spas, and these non-gaming amenities are just as important for casinos to drive their revenue. “We offer virtual queuing that alleviates the need to stand in lines, allowing customers to continue playing while queuing for different services,” notes Shields.

We offer multiple solutions such as card issuance, kiosks, registration systems and queuing solutions, for casinos geared toward improving the customer experience

The Qmatic Solo Virtua is a queue management solution with an advanced, easy-to-handle customer queue system for multiple categories and workstations. It can identify service times early on and manage virtual and linear queuing simultaneously, while allowing casinos to collect useful data such as the number of people served, the services used, and the waiting time. “Every minute a person is waiting in line, he is not spending money at a table. Implementing our solution creates an instant ROI simply by having those players back at the games,” asserts Shields.

To note an example, the company offered its solutions to a casino wanting to print different card types as a recognition method for its distinct player levels. As such, IdentiSys developed self-service kiosks to print four different card types that could retrieve information from a player’s driver’s license and cross-reference it with the casino’s database— instantly printing the personalized player card. Implementing the solution enabled the casino to improve their customer experience, while driving greater loyalty as the customers now had personalized cards to associate themselves with the casino.

IdentiSys works alongside major ID manufacturers, while also attending various casino centric seminars to constantly be on their toes. “This allows us to handle customized solutions for the casinos, and build our products tailored for their specific needs,” Shields remarks. With a footprint across the country and an impressive portfolio of casinos to show for, IdentiSys continues to invest in new technologies and ideas to help improve the casino experience both for its clients, and the gamers.


Eden Prairie, MN

Michael R. Shields, President & CEO

Provides customized solutions for casinos to better manage the gaming floor and improve the overall experience of their customers