Identiv: Instilling Trust in All Connected Things Worldwide

CIO VendorJason Hart, CEO & Director
In our increasingly connected world, governments, enterprises, commercial businesses, organizations of every size, and individuals are continually challenged to protect their physical environments and digital resources, which are vulnerable to data breaches, identity theft, fraud, counterfeiting, and other breakdowns of security.Today, the current corporate world needs a solution, fundamentally built on a single, universal identity credential, whichwill allow companies to trust or securely access any resource, premises, information, or everyday items.Coming to the aid of such firms and business leaders isIdentiv, a leader of global security technologythat provides a secure web platform that issues, manages, or revokes credentials, without the complexity and cost of internal deployments.

California-based Identivthrives with the motto “Trust Your World”. Global government, education, retail, transportation, healthcare, and other organizations rely upon Identiv’strust solutions to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and protect brand identity. “Our trust solutions allow people to gain access to buildings, networks, information, systems, and services, while ensuring that the physical facilities and digital assets of the organizations they interact with are protected. These solutions are implemented using standards-driven technology, such as digital certificates, strong authentication, mobility, and cloud services,”explains Jason Hart, CEO and Director of the company.

Trust Solutions for Premises, Information and Everyday Items

In today’s heightened-risk environment, there is growing concern about the gaps in security that arise from lack of coordination within an organization, such as a terminated employee whose access rights
to a network are not revoked at the same time as to a building.Identiv provides customers with a complete, integrated trust solution for converged access to physical and digital resources. With Identiv’s uTrust product family,enterprises and customers are assured that products work together as a complete system and support open standards such as digital certificates.Identiv’s uTrust physical access systems integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, building management, and other network-based systems. It also offers controllers, Velocity management software, and door readers, and with Identiv’s credentials, users not only get secure access to premises, but can also secure digital assets and electronic transactions.

Identiv is a leading global supplier of smart card reader products. By upgrading to industry-standard uTrust smart cards, digital certificates, and readers, users can secure information against the weakness of passwords, protect login to PCs and networks, encrypt hard drives, and even digitally sign and encrypt emails.Supporting the growing demand for BYOD,Identiv’s iAuthenticate mobile readers allow users to securely authenticate using iOS™ or Android™ devices when they present standard credentials issued by the U.S. government.

Using standards-based certificates, Identiv’s solutions for everyday items deliver the highest trust, offer wide compatibility, and strong authentication, even when not connected to the Internet. They are also used in a range of identity-based applications, including electronic entertainment, loyalty schemes, mobile payment, transit, and event ticketing.

Roadmap for the Future

Leveraging its expertise in RFID and NFC technology, identity management, mobility, and cloud services, Identiv is developing new solutions to provide trust for everyday connected items, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The company will also continue to develop and invest in its contact less credentials.


Jason Hart, CEO & Director

A provider of security solutions in the government, education,retail, transportation, healthcare sector