Idhasoft: Rising Global Leader In IT Solution Technology

Alok Pathak, CEO
Into the plethora of rising IT solution enterprises, stepped Idhasoft, a pioneer of a myriad of quality services across several different industrial verticals, and has emerged as a global leader in the field.

Idhasoft’s philosophy is based upon the Sanskrit term ‘Idha’, which means ‘perfect and complete’. Its ideology revolves around creating services of lasting value for all its stakeholders, including customers, partners, teammates, investors and communities. Idhasoft is a one-stop-shop with a team that has impeccable credentials, delivering across diverse industry verticals and horizontals.

Founded in December 2006, Idhasoft is a fast-rising business leader in new generation consulting thanks to its cutting edge, cost-effective IT solutions. It provides a holistic range of solutions with the advantage of its profound expertise in the industrial field, as well as close-knit associations with leading technology companies. Its range of expertise includes Oracle, SAP, portal and content management, healthcare solutions, education and knowledge solutions, supply chain solutions, banking solutions, internet and wireless.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Idhasoft has offices in California, Pennsylvania; and in the cities of Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune in India. Idhasoft serves more than 1,500 small, mid-sized and large businesses across numerous industries including banking and capital markets, education, energy, government, health care, industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, semi-conductors, technology and media, telecommunications, trade history and wholesale distribution.

Alok Pathak, the CEO of Idhasoft, believes that with exclusive consultants and industry experts in offices across the world, it is able to provide superior resources and customer service to each and every customer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He is also proud of the long-lasting partnerships Idhasoft has created with its clients and channel partners, and believes that is the key ingredient of its success.

Idhasoft aims to provide tailored solutions based on the customer’s vision and strategy

He believes that its commitment is not only to ensure that it continues to live up to the standards it has set, but also to raise the needs of its customers to even higher levels by leveraging the experience of its leadership teams, delivering high-value professional services, becoming a long-term strategic partner and contributing to the overall success of its clients.

Idhasoft aims to provide tailored solutions based on the customer’s vision and strategy. It shows how the customer’s organizations will be able to better monitor, explore and analyze data and then use it to plan business, mitigate risk and take action. With this, it guarantees that a company/corporation will be able to perform better and achieve better results in all areas.

Idhasoft guarantees to maximize customer satisfaction as it stays with the customer throughout the solution lifecycle- from design and deployment to support and maintenance. As a result, Idhasoft will have a complete understanding of each customer’s IT environment and challenges in order to deliver a more effective level of support. Besides its packaged solutions, it provides tailor-made solutions to enterprises, designed particularly with its client’s requirements at hand.

Apart from its packaged and tailored solutions, Idhasoft also supplies strategic IP solutions- a set of skillfully crafted strategies to provide vision and direction to an enterprise’s structure.

Furthermore, Idhasoft provides an online resource center with links to Idhasoft resources and information designed specifically to assist its customers and partners, with new content being uploaded every week. Interested individuals or organizations can also sign up to receive Idhasoft’s webinars and videos, event and e-books, as well as featured success stories and case-studies.



Alok Pathak, CEO

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