IENA Consulting: Accelerating the Path to Operational and Financial Excellence

Toufic-Pascal Naccache, CEO
To offer the best in enterprise performance management (EPM), it takes the fruition of a novel idea into a full-blown solution. In this regard, Toufic-Pascal Naccache, CEO of IENA Consulting, is a visionary, having built his company’s signature software product—Pilot with innovation in mind. Based on a delivery model that is at the intersection of technology and finance, Pilot has been forged to be the silver bullet solution that targets the varied financial and operational sectors.

IENA Consulting’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to deliver its service holistically across the specific purviews of financial reporting, real-estate, pharmaceutical, human resource management, and manufacturing. Behind the scenes, Pilot’s prowess comes from the fact that the portfolio was developed by over 50 experts and 120 consultants in the IBM solutions arena. IENA Consulting deploys viable solutions addressing niche market needs with the help of IBM solutions, namely the TM1 (IBM Cognos) and the CDM (Cognos Disclosure Management) to facilitate planning analytics.

The global industry demand for more intelligence, to better define precise sales objectives and projection defines IENA Consulting’s functionality across its interests. They are incorporating big data and smart data to build specific models that target their various purviews, to offer better intelligence on sales and margin forecast for CFOs. IENA Consulting then provides these models in various industry-specific versions of Pilot. Starting with the orientation of key users, followed by three to five days of training, the Pilot platform is installed and tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements. Post deployment, the end users follow the Agile methodology and work upon each interactive screen of the platform to fulfill the completion of the Pilot’s functionality at every step.

The planning layout of the project is well formulated by IENA Consulting from the start and never begins with a blank page. The average period of planning spans between three to six months to reach the first version of the product requested by the client.

We are innovating and bringing more robust functionalities to the Pilot portfolio, while maintaining a pin-pointed focus around IBM

After users have mastered the solution, what follows is the balancing between the hand-off and the support aspects. As Naccache puts it in numbers, “Pilot brings about a reduction of about 30-35 percent of the workload on any single project.”

Built on the IBM cloud platform, Pilot ensures real-time access of financial data to users while simultaneously enabling customers to create a single platform that will associate all operational forecast phases, the statistics on financial profit/ loss, and balance sheet for the purpose of consolidation or statuary reporting on the same level. This singular platform ensures that the client doesn’t have to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to get data from the CDM solution as those functionalities are already integrated into the EPM tool, Pilot, which provides ready-access to CDM, and helps in preparing annual or quarterly reports for business analysts.

IENA Consulting’s goal is to be a specialized consulting firm and “to become a leader in the financial EPM sector by innovating and bringing more robust functionalities to the Pilot portfolio, while maintaining a pin-pointed focus around IBM,” says Naccache. Expansion plans in the pipeline target New York, and further down the lane, across Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, while developing a growing subsidiary in Dubai. IENA Consulting’s unique elements bring the virtues of both technical and operational expertise together, in a potent blend that will dynamically solidify their influence, in the years to come.

IENA Consulting

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Toufic-Pascal Naccache, CEO

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