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Gilbert Romo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing The share of the world’s population living in cities is expected to rise from the current 55 percent to 80 percent by 2050, according to the World Economic Forum. This global demographic shift, combined with the rapid state of technological progress, is compelling urban areas to transition into highly connected smart cities.

The regional administrators, utilities providers, citizens, and other stakeholders of these evolving urban centers are striving to build a framework of information and communication technologies that enables them to address administrative and societal challenges faster.

Aiding the urban centers in this goal is IES Communications, a company that specializes in design-build and installation of Audio Visual, DAS, Data Center Services, Life Safety, PoE Lighting, Security, Structured Cabling, and Wireless systems. These services are the cornerstone of an information and communication infrastructure that connects everything from traffic and utilities to industries and people.

“We take a comprehensive approach to every project. Rather than implementing a generic plan, we collaborate with stakeholders and focus on what kind of businesses and people they seek to attract to their cities and offer solutions that fit their budget. We ensure that the implemented infrastructure is able to support their envisioned smart city,” says Gilbert Romo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IES Communications.

Designing, Building, and Maintaining Critical Smart Systems

IES supports clients from the implementation of state-of-the-art smart city systems to maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure, as needed.

It takes a bottom-up approach to transition urban centers into smart cities. At the most basic and foundational level, the IES team procures and implements a connected infrastructure for smart metering, HVAC, access control, and other systems that make life easier for building inhabitants. Smart buildings are seamlessly connected by IES through a broader communication infrastructure that includes structured cabling and data centers to form connected smart campuses with simplified access to amenities. Whether it is residential or business smart campuses, IES ensures that its smart campus infrastructure is able to effectively distribute the resources within the campus, while improving the comfort of residents and significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

IES, in turn, provides the infrastructure needed to connect smart campuses to service providers, whether it is utilities, law enforcement, or healthcare centers. This connected ecosystem becomes a sustainable smart city able to ease the life of people in their houses, workplaces, and the broader urban space.

“For us, a smart city is all about connecting every aspect of an urban center. It’s about connecting the people and their every point of contact,” says Romo.
A Cost vs. Return Approach for Seamless Project Delivery

Throughout its engagement with smart city stakeholders— citizens, public organizations, state and local government, and private enterprises—the company ensures that the cost of implementation always justifies the end goals. IES’s representatives interact with the stakeholders and comprehensively assess their needs.

We take a comprehensive approach to every project. Rather than implementing a generic plan, we collaborate with stakeholders and focus on what kind of businesses and people they seek to attract to their cities and offer solutions that fit their budget

Based on the requirements, the company’s pre-construction estimating group designs an implementation plan and procures the systems needed for the smart city project. The company’s designers then initiate engagements with different product manufacturers to get the materials for the smart city infrastructure, whether it is cabling, communication systems, or other IT components.

“IES attributes its success to its experienced personnel, all of whom have certifications in multiple fields, including wireless networks, structure cabling, fiber optics, and other communication segments”

IES follows a ‘continuous innovation’ strategy to ensure that the implemented smart city infrastructure is sustainable for a longer period. The company anticipates the future needs of the citizens along with their current requirements when implementing solutions. Its designers explore cutting-edge technologies that can create new opportunities for smart city projects, keeping the present, as well as the future, in mind. Throughout the implementation, IES constantly communicates with customers, contractors, partners, and city officials to ensure that the communication infrastructure is up to code, within budget, and on time. After procurement and analysis of the most suitable technology products needed to support the smart city, IES’s operational staff implements its solutions based on the unique specifications of the client and their smart city project. The designed infrastructure is implemented in the most cost-effective manner, so the stakeholders can realize the ROI in the shortest time possible.

IES leverages its quality management and training teams to ensure that the implemented infrastructure is effectively maintained well above industry standards to yield the best results.

IES’s competencies can be clearly seen in a recent collaboration with a real estate firm that sought their help for a smart campus project.
The firm wanted to implement a smart campus that would house several life sciences and technology companies. The project had to be planned so that the resources—including laboratories—would be efficiently shared between multiple companies.

IES began the transition solution to turn the buildings into a state-of-the-art, smart-digital campus, which would address the needs of all the stakeholders. It began with installing structured cabling (CAT6A), audiovisual, security (video surveillance and access control), DAS, and PoE lighting, along with implementing the wireless and cellular communication infrastructure. The smart lighting of the campus was designed by IES to deliver greater energy efficiency, enabling the client and their customers to reduce cost burden and achieve greater savings.

The success of this project prompted the real estate company to extend its partnership with IES and complete many more projects, all of which are delivering significant ROI for the client.

An Engaged Workforce Equals Greater Customer Satisfaction

IES attributes its success to its experienced personnel, all of whom have certifications in multiple fields, including wireless networks, structure cabling, fiber optics, and other communication segments. The company’s unique culture is reflected in its motto, ‘When we take care of our employees, our employees take care of our customers.’ Based on this, IES invests heavily in educating their employees to provide excellent services, as they believe strength in the fundamentals can help them expand into various aspects of the industry. The company’s diverse teams are productive, innovative, and engaged, and bring their whole, authentic selves to work, fostering collaboration, promoting learning, and nurturing a strong company culture.

The company ensures its employees are provided with comprehensive training on identifying the right technologies based on project scale, cost-effective implementation practices, and infrastructure support. IES’s workforce also takes part in the training and certification courses conducted by their manufacturing partners. Its specialists meticulously install and integrate the products, ensuring the longevity envisioned by the manufacturers, who trust IES, with its 38 years of industry experience, to conduct training programs on their behalf. This is one of the reasons IES can bring unmatched quality to every smart city project, regardless of scale. From upgrading a single existing office building to multiple buildings spread across various regions, its workforce is seasoned in providing every space with intuitive, purposeful, and smart solutions.

An exceptional safety record attests to the extent to which IES values its employees. One of the few companies that ensure complete safety at worksites, IES is sought after by candidates seeking an employee-centric work environment.

Following a Path of Innovation toward Sustainability

IES’s unique company culture, which breeds a never-ending hunger for innovation, ensures the company never stands still. This same culture is adopted by its clients, who are witnessing significant strides in sustainability and stepping closer to their net-zero carbon goals. With commercial buildings accounting for 20 percent of energy usage in the U.S., 30 percent of which is wasted, IES is helping the stakeholders transform these structures into energy-efficient and sustainable buildings of the future.

By constantly encouraging change within its own walls, IES is fostering the evolution of technology required by smart cities to run effortlessly. Its dedicated workforce and robust command over emerging technologies assure that IES is poised to reshape emerging cities.

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Gilbert Romo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

IES Communications is a leading technology and infrastructure architecture provider with the aim to design, build and maintain smart cities. The company’s main service includes information transport systems like network hardware, DAS, server installation, data center integration services, and data center design build services

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