iFACTORY: Unlocking True Values of Business Solutions through Innovative Reviews of the Business Pro

Tanya Langbein- CEO A profusion of customers, today, purchase Oracle Applications in order to enhance their company’s efficiency but quite often fail to unlock the true value embedded within these solutions due to the lack of familiarity. ERP solutions in general are known for their perplexing nature and Oracle is no exception. Determining the most efficient of these solutions can provide full ROI and longevity of the system investment. With the continual acquisition strategy adopted by Oracle of the eminent ‘best of breed’ offerings is becoming a nuisance for executives. Linking all of this together to provide an all encompassing business solution offering the promised security, governance, and usability is now more difficult than ever for the CIO. Enterprises need an Oracle solution guide who can up skill their teams swiftly to deliver value to the users with little or no fan fare. Stepping into this breach is iFACTORY, a Johannesburg,South Africa based company, which has made consulting service delivery an art form.
Bringing the Solutions at your Doorstep iFACTORY was formed in 2004 to focus on architecting business solutions, using Oracle Technology and Applications to unlock value through innovative reviews of the business processes. As an Oracle gold partner, this company has successfully brought Oracle technology and Oracle solutions spanning the applications footprint, Fusion Middleware and associated products to the doorstep of their clients. iFACTORY, the first certified Oracle cloud partner in South Africa, have perfected the art of deploying and extending Oracle applications as well as edge products such as Oracle Transportation Management. So far, the iFACTORY team has secured 2867 Oracle Specializations across the stack and 176 are Oracle Cloud specific. This team can plan, architect, deliver and support multiple business critical solutions in a range of industries.

iFACTORY has successfully implemented the right organizational foundation that has allowed them to be distinguished in comparison to other competitors. “The secret to the sauce that makes iFACTORY different is the agility and openness we bring to the party with regards to client engagements. Our management structure is geared towards making decisions and enabling solutions. We actively introduce clients to one another as we believe that most IT innovation should be shared to raise the level of use within the business environment,” mentions Tanya Langbein, CEO of the company.
iFACTORY, who prefers to be a partner rather than a supplier, takes its solutions and clients with the utmost seriousness. This oracle gold partner takes great pride in its team’s exuberance and the “iFACTORY Way” of doing business, which has enabled it to develop many solutions such as an easy to use Oracle-on- Oracle solution which is scalable to enable significant business growth, extendable to facilitate global expansion, and takes multiple geographies currencies and tax realities into account.

Getting Ready for the Future As iFACTORY has already become a Cloud oriented consultancy firm, its focus for the immediate future is now centralized around bridging the gap between IT and business dynamics, and to provide its consultants even more space to specialize in business solutions. The company is also on a standby to welcome the Multi National Entities expanding into Africa with vigorous momentum, with their African tested advanced business tools.


Johanasberg, South Africa

Tanya Langbein- CEO

A provider of Oracle certified and Oracle compatible information technologies specializing in Social Media, Mobile, and Development Strategy