Ignify: Effective ERP Solutions that Connect People, Information and Processes

Sandeep Walia, CEO
An essential aspect of every organization is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which needs to be flexible, agile, and cloud-friendly for seamless functioning. However, traditional vendors are still dependent upon monolithic software as it is expensive to configure. Ignify, based in Long Beach, CA, is bringing a change to this current market scenario by offering end-to-end solutions that cater to the needs of mid-market and enterprise business class segments. “Our major focus is to provide cost effective ERP solutions that are flexible and agile to meet the needs of several segments,” states Sandeep Walia, CEO, Ignify.

“Our ERP offering is based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution which is Powerful, Flexible and Agile. This combination with our industry-focused Intellectual Property allows our customers to get deep industry functionality with a modern ERP system,” says Walia. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, the firm’s suite of ERP solutions addresses the needs of customers in several sectors such as retail, distribution and financial services. Ignify’s eCommerce solution is a comprehensive system that helps retailers perform omni-channel functions by automating all the actions under a single system. The solution controls multi order management, ranging from online portal, in store, and mobile applications for a hassle-free shopping experience under a single system. “Today, retailers use all these mediums to reach their customers more instantly to earn profits in the business. We help clients bring about a connection among customers, information and processes by integrating operations into a single system, so that consumers can have a better choice and experience in shopping,” states Walia. In addition, the solution provides real time visibility for customers with order tracking, automated shipping notifications, multiple payment facilities, and returns management. Ignify has played a major role in streamlining and connecting the processes for many clients across industries. For instance, a multi-branded retail company wanted to provide consumers with a unique experience through their in store, mobile app, and online shopping portal. As the retail giant's geographical presence was large, the customers were unable to experience uniformity in shopping under the brand name across various channels.
Ignify implemented their Microsoft Dynamics AX and eCommerce solutions to unite all the operations under a single system. The client was able to bring down the order entry time from thirty minutes to one minute after leveraging this solution. This in turn facilitated the retail giant to increase efficiency, customer experience, and revenue, and quadrupled their online revenue as well.

“By being a customer-centric firm, we are able to serve and support customers in a more diligent manner. We have developed good customer relationships with our clients over the years, and that has helped us to flourish in this competitive environment,” asserts Walia. “Our team of professionals have relentlessly worked with us to achieve victory in all our endeavors and steered us through our entire voyage in the ERP landscape.” Likewise, on the investment front, Ignify has ventured into their customer base to develop a range of IT solutions that are tailored as per the requirements of the clients.

We help clients bring about a connection among customers, information and processes by integrating operations into a single system

Moving ahead, Ignify intends to grow its global ERP customer segment. “As a part of our expansion plan, we will continue acquisitions of small companies to increase our geographical footprint across the globe, through which we will consistently support our customers in the long run,” concludes Walia.


Long Beach, CA

Sandeep Walia, CEO

Provider of eCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale, and Order Entry solutions to the mid-market and enterprise business segments