IgnitionOne: Innovative Digital Marketing to Turn Visitors into Customers

Will Margiloff, CEO
At a time when emphasis is being laid on digital marketing technology, a combination of technology competence with marketing strategy and digital creativity can only take the lead. The marketers want both marketing and IT teams to build, deploy, and integrate digital marketing assets—which is exactly what IgnitionOne promises to deliver with the best of results.

Headquartered in New York, NY, IgnitionOne is a provider of cloud-based digital marketing technology. “The sole goal of the company is to provide clarity and simplicity for marketers who are trying to affectively reach their target audience,” says Will Margiloff, CEO, IgnitionOne, whose digital marketing experience stretches back to 1995. “The marketers should focus more on being strategic than tactical, and we will help them alongside to reach their target audience through proper media, which in turn will help them increase their revenue,” he adds.

The Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) of the company empowers marketers to centralize, manage and optimize digital media and understand cross-channel attribution, while optimizing conversions on a marketer’s website through Marketing Automation. “With our DMS you can buy, and algorithmically optimize, search, social and display from a single login. You can automatically track and attribute media across those channels. We can help you convert consumers who go to your site by scoring them and delivering relevant content to them. And finally you can centrally store conversion and customer data to message these users. This is a life-cycle marketing platform where you can acquire, convert and retain customers,” notes Margiloff. The company helps clients to make more informed decisions about where to allocate the budget across publishers and channels.

By combining the power of industryleading technology with support from their optimization experts, IgnitionOne Advisors, the company helps marketers save time and dramatically improve their campaign performance. “The IgnitionOne Advisor services are for marketers who want our internal performance marketing team to handle the day-to-day management of their online advertising campaigns and optimize them to achieve the best results,” says Margiloff.
Marketers can also use Engagement Optimization to measure a visitor’s level of on-site activity to understand the effectiveness of tracked media channels and focus their media budget on advertising that drives brand engagement. “For example, marketers that utilize our content personalization technology realize higher conversion rates and revenues from their websites,” says Margiloff.

IgnitionOne focuses on helping top brands and their agencies. The company has big names like Bridgestone, Fiat, BMW, Land Rover, AIG - Travel Guard, 360i, GroupM and iProspect attached to its client list. The successful client stories of the company include a project for digital television entertainment services provider that wanted to target Facebook’s enormous user base in order to increase sales. IgnitionOne’s DMS was able to access Facebook Exchange as well as integrate first-party intent data. This allowed IgnitionOne to leverage Real-Time Bidding (RTB) on the Facebook Exchange to enhance the provider’s ability to serve relevant ads to users who expressed interest in their products and services. Coupled with IgnitionOne’s unique Engagement Scoring algorithm, the provider increased their sales with a significantly low cost.

Marketers can increase their revenue by thinking strategically and by leveraging the best technology to reach the target audience

The notable qualities that differentiates the company from its competitors include; an integrated stack, understanding who the user is and strategize accordingly; the ability to attribute conversions to different channels; portfolio optimization; algorithmic forecasting capabilities; and transparency and data visualization.

Going forward, IgnitionOne aims to change the future landscape of online marketing by continuing to centralize and simplify marketing technology into a single hub.


New York, NY

Will Margiloff, CEO

Provides cloud-based digital marketing technology that effectively helps clients reach consumers.