iGovSolutions: Regulatory Licensing and Enforcement System

With the advent of innovative tech-trends such as mobile, cloud, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), many government as well as private sector organizations are delivering smart-phone applications to their customers, taking their IT Solutions to the next level. Remaining in sync with the new trend, Lake Mary-based iGovSolutions is one such company that helps government organizations by providing specialized regulatory licensing products, services, and mobile applications. From Professional Licensing Boards such as nursing, physicians, pharmacy, real estate, accountancy to any other profession that requires a license to practice, the company acts a one stop-shop for all licensing requirements.

Having extensive experience in IT Solutions industry, Prasad Valay, Founder and President, iGovSolutions says, “We deliver mobile and tablet-based applications for clients who wish to leverage current technology trends.” For instance, iGovSolutions provided tablet-based field inspection forms to one of its clients. Through tablet, the work undertaken by the inspectors on the field is directly sent to the internal system, without having to worry about scanning and uploading documents. “We have also developed smart-phone apps for license renewals, license verification, and news or alerts which can be uploaded to Apple’s Store and Google’s Playstore,” adds Valay. The company supports licensing boards to tremendously improve their customer satisfaction by sending out real-time news and alerts to the mobile phones of the licensees or applicants.

iGovSolutions’s flagship product, integrated Licensing and Enforcement Management System (iLEMS™) facilitates a regulatory agency in accepting and processing licensing application. iLEMS™ also has the ability to create and track complaints, field inspection forms, financial management, document management, integrated payment processing, and customizable reports and correspondences.

When a user is paying online for license renewal, the information is transmitted real-time to iLEMS™. “We provide online services that are typically used by licensees, employers, and consumers,” explains Valay. “It includes online license renewal, initial licensing applications, license verification, and subscription services that provide customizable real-time text and email alerts.”

We are a one-stop shop for Regulatory Licensing Boards

The company delivers its products and services through Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The customers select iGovSolutions as part of their customized package.

"Our Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, iLEMS™ has been built based on our regulatory experience as well as direct feedback from many licensing boards,” briefs Valay. This product also enables users to customize it quickly with its screen-based, point and click interfaces. Since the company’s products are extremely flexible and customizable, the users can produce their own reports and correspondences without seeking technical assistance. To throw light on the efficiency of iLEMS™, one of iGovSolutions’ customers wanted to add a new license type into the system. “In the licensing world, that is a big change as each new license type must have its own application requirements, license number format, expiration rules, precedence rules,” says Gokul Rajaram, Business Development Manager. The company allowed the Licensing Board to start issuing this license type in merely 30 minutes through iLEMS™.

iGovSolutions also offers support by email, phone, online chat, and in-person as required. “Our customer service team is filled with people who have passion for our products and industry. When people take pride in their work, customer service becomes second nature,” says Valay.

In the days to come, iGovSolutions will continue to deliver the most befitting products and services and be well prepared to meet clients’ requirements in the future. If you are looking for Regulatory Licensing Products and Solutions, iGovSolutions is eager to hear and fulfill your wishes.


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Prasad Valay, CEO Gokul Rajaram, Business Development Manager

iGovSolutions is a company specializing in regulatory licensing products, services, and mobile applications