IGX Global: High-performance, Enterprise Solutions to Scale Operation

Michael Giuffrida, President
Today, data is the sole driver of the decision making process across enterprises. Intrinsically involved in business processes the pace at which it is being transferred is has exponentially increased across various divisions in the organization. This has culminated in the aggravation of business operations by causing network congestion. Based in Rocky Hill, CT, IGX Global offers high-performance, low latency network infrastructure, which helps organizations to scale its operations. “Partnering with Juniper Networks we provide enterprise solutions that offer network protection, operational simplicity, high performance, flexibility, and total cost savings,” says Michael Giuffrida, President IGX Global.

IGX has a diverse range of services; the company assigns Qualified Security Assessors to secure credit card data and payment applications which help enterprises to safeguard data information from within. “Our team combines knowledge of the latest security threats and current technology to secure the critical data while reducing cost and time,” explains Giuffrida. The company also provides sophisticated data analysis and data mining tools to effectively detect, analyze and research threats and safeguard organization’s interests against the aggression of security breaches. “Our team process orders and streamlines troubleshooting by consolidating company’s support resulting in enhancement of business processes,” points out Giuffrida.

Apart from providing solutions for security threat mitigations and network infrastructure the company also offers IGX Insight Support, which reformulate the support experience and simplifies organizations path of productivity. In addition, IGX’s team provides in-depth expertise to customize solutions and transform the dynamics of networking.

By having the Elite Portfolio Partner status with Juniper Networks, IGX individuates itself by providing state-of-art services support to provide next generation advance security. Juniper has been an important partner in IGX Global's growth, the collaboration with Juniper at the highest level further confirms the company’s knowledge and capabilities in routing, switching, firewall and policy and access.
The company is also Software Defined Networking (SDN) partner of Juniper and provides professional and managed services.“With our global presence and certified in-house experts, we guide organizations through some of the most challenging technology issues and help them focus on increasing efficiency of the organization,” delineates Giuffrida.

For instance, Optimity, a London-based dynamic technology service provider with their own LDN+ fiber and wireless network was facing business challenges because of the surge in the client growth. With the client requirements proportionately increasing, Optimity was in need of a faster delivery and technical support on a 24/7 basis. After a rigorous evaluation of its systems by IGX Global, Optimity deployed a number of well-rounded Juniper Networks infrastructure and security solutions to enhance their business operations suggested by the firm. Various SRX firewalls were deployed to protect the Optimity’s networks due to the outstanding protection with market-leading performance, scalability, availability, and security service integration related to the firewalls offered by the firm. IGX Global professional services worked closely with Optimity and helped the company achieve superior security performance in scale with their clients’ needs and mitigated risk of attacks from within the trusted network.

Partnering with Juniper Networks we provide enterprise solutions that offer network protection, operational simplicity, high performance, flexibility,and total cost savings

IGX Global is keen on improving existing services and to extend its offerings allowing third-party integration with the aim of a seamless experience for its customers across various platforms. “We provide solutions that enable clients to develop, deploy and sustain an effective long term network and information security plan by supplying the intelligence required to make informed decisions and the operational support to sustain performance,” concludes Giuffrida.

IGX Global

Rocky Hill, CT

Michael Giuffrida, President

Offers high-performance, low-latency network infrastructure, which helps organizations to scale its operations.