IIS Technology: IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Delivering Real Business Value by Providing Cloud Clarity

Octavio Diaz, Chief Cloud Architect
To meet the on-demand needs of developers and the lines of business, as well as having to manage multi-cloud environments, IT organizations need to become service brokers. This transformation requires the right selection of automation and orchestration tools to speed up the delivery of IT services and manages these complex environments. When delivering ITaaS, it is essential to implement tools that provide the operational insight to govern the services from end to end. “As a cloud service integrator, IIS implements Cloud Management solutions that help CIOs meet the demanding needs of the business,” begins David Iannacconi, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Practice Lead. He added, “IIS’ Hybrid Cloud Solutions help customers gain cloud clarity by architecting, designing and deploying solutions that provide agility and control over an ever expanding set of cloud based service delivery models.”

“By solving these customer problems with VMware’s NSX and vRealize Suite, our Cloud Management Platform implementations help organizations leverage their VMware investments, gain operational efficiencies and lower their TCO. When these engagements commence, IIS’ reviews the customer’s applications, adjacent dependencies and compliance and security requirements. IIS then recommends a target execution platform which implemented as a catalog item provides an app store like experience for their internal clients, yet provides IT with the operational insight and cost transparency it requires,” says Iannacconi.

VMware’s vRealize suite provides a powerful and compelling set of capabilities that addresses the CIOs’ objective of becoming a service broker and deliver ITaaS. The IIS team has helped numerous customers expand their virtualization footprint and migrate from other platforms to vSphere. “This serves as a huge advantage for our customers and IIS,” says Octavio Diaz, IIS’s Chief Cloud Architect. “We have the capability to design, deploy and manage multiple cloud environments once vSphere has been deployed,” points out Diaz. IIS excels at implementing VMware solutions. “We were one of the first to resell vCloud Air and are among only a few VMware partners to provide a fully managed vCloud Air solution.”
One interesting example involves a mid-size company that needed to roll out a new web-based application. The organization did not have a flexible architecture to deal with the unpredictable growth. Using vCloud Air as the underlying IaaS, IIS provided the operational level support model so the client had a reliable, scalable and secure IaaS to deploy their cloud born application that was consistent with the platform that it was developed on internally. “We built out the network by setting up the VPN, firewall, load balancers, built the VMs, and implemented Hyperic agents to manage the environment from the IIS NOC, which included performing synthetic transactions to monitor the applications,” explains Iannacconi. Since the customer had some reservations about the public cloud, IIS implemented a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool capability to collect log files from the VMware vCNS Edge gateway and the databases, and provided the SOC services that satisfied the CSO and compliance team concerns.

As a cloud service integrator, IIS implements Cloud Management Platform solutions that help CIOs meet the demanding needs of the business

IIS’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions unique approach, deep technical expertise, standardized service delivery framework and strong PMO has helped solve a wide variety of Big Data and Hybrid Cloud challenges. As a cloud services integrator, the IIS team engages its customers, focuses on their expected business outcomes and delivers a vendor agnostic approach to provide the optimal hybrid cloud solution resulting in the right, Cloud Management Platform that best meets their overall requirements. “As the cloud and ITaaS landscape evolves and new software and service offerings are made available, our plan is to review, test, certify and incorporate them into our portfolio, so that we can deploy them into our customer’s hybrid cloud solutions and provide even greater business value,” concludes Iannacconi.

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Octavio Diaz, Chief Cloud Architect and David A. Iannacconi, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Practice Lead

Delivering real business value by providing cloud clarity