iJET International: Holistic POV for Risk Mitigation for Global Organizations

Bruce McIndoe, CEO
Warren Buffet gave an interesting insight on risk. He said “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” “For multinational organizations, paying attention to the evolving threat environment and thinking about proactive measures for avoiding these threats is the best way to ensure the safety of their people and operations,” says Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET International. Operating on a global scale increases an organization’s exposure to risk. And in order to prepare for and mitigate operational risks, global enterprises typically implement a number of siloed technologies, and solutions such as security operations centers or crisis hotlines to monitor global events, track and provide assistance to their people and assets, and maintain business continuity in the event of a crisis situation. “Enterprises end up with these islands of risk data that are stove-piped in multiple applications with information dispersed across the company – there’s no central view of risk,” comments McIndoe. iJET International is focused on delivering intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that help clients bring this data together to achieve a holistic, organization-wide view of risk. “We partner with our clients to build tailored integrated risk management programs that help them protect their people, facilities, suppliers so they can operate globally with confidence,” says McIndoe.

The integrated risk management leader assists their clients to overcome the very first step in risk management— to understand the threat environment specific to their global footprint. “We provide intelligence-based decision support and deliver analyzed information to decision makers,” says McIndoe. iJET provides world-class intelligence analysts, patented Worldcue® technology solutions and global response services to equip business leaders and organizations with real-time information to prepare for, monitor and respond to potential business risks while maintaining a competitive edge. iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center monitors global events 24x7, alerts clients to potential threats that may impact their people or operations and provides insights for better decision making.

We help companies view and approach risk very differently than they do today and prepare, monitor and protect their people and assets around the globe

The company also takes client-specific compliance issues into consideration, especially when working in high-risk locations. Once the employee commences the trip, iJET consistently monitors to keep the employee informed about any threats in surrounding areas, feeding them information via SMS, email, or on a mobile app. In the event of a crisis, iJET continues to monitor the ongoing situation, tracks and communicates directly with impacted travelers, and provides actionable insights on the best response solution, including for example, whether or not a security evacuation is necessary.

The Annapolis, Maryland headquartered company also offers Executive Decision Support (XDS), delivering tailored analysis to bring clarity to the hardest questions confronting their clients. iJET’s XDS solutions deliver forward-looking operational risk and threat assessments, robust due diligence capabilities, tailored travel threat assessments, regular alerts and publications specific to each client’s needs.

iJET’s solutions empower enterprises to confidently increase their global footprint, knowing they have a reliable risk management partner and the best information available to make high-quality, high-impact decisions.

iJET International

Annapolis, MD

Bruce McIndoe, CEO

Provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence.