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Kelly Sims, Owner/COO
Logistics and distribution operations are witnessing an unprecedented labor shortage. As the demand for frontline labor is outstripping its supply in the sector, it is pushing the wages to increase at more than double the pre pandemic growth rates. Despite this wage increase, logistics facilities still find hiring and retaining frontline workers difficult.

iJility’s end-to-end workforce optimization solutions are turning out to be a game-changer amid worker-retention challenges and rising labor costs, which considerably hinder businesses’ efforts to accelerate supply chains and enhance companies’ speed-to-market.

Worker retention challenges and rising labor costs are two of the major hurdles that decrease “speed to market” in the logistics space and can be crippling to a brand and an operation. iJility’s solutions solve both. On the labor front, iJility recruits hourly skilled and unskilled workers through their U.S. (VSC) Virtual Service Centers. The VSC team is comprised of top talent in the industry and their sole focus is to attract, screen, and select these key employees that deliver results each day. The VSC team is measured and monitored for on-time delivery and quality. Their model speaks directly to solving rising labor costs.

iJility believes that superior execution is derived from a foundation built on people, process, quality, and service. While those driving principles never change, their model is created around the major changes they have seen in the economy and markets around the U.S.

The robust technology platform they’ve developed to drive programs has streamlined all processes, with the overarching theme focusing on that end-to-end solution in a space they control.

“Our robust technology platform addresses virtual settings for support to our recruiters, operations and gives us visibility to each employee’s hourly performance in the workplace. We attribute our success to our ability to laser focus on areas of a client’s operation and drive improvements in cost, quality, and output. Our client-facing roles, combined with technology, help deliver positive results for our clients every day,” says Kelly Sims, Owner and Chief Operations Officer, iJility.

Initially, the iJility team works in tandem with the client’s goal of improving a building’s Cost Per Unit. In most cases, iJility does that by locking into an engineered Cost-Per-Unit billing model for their deliverable. Second, the team assists in the rising cost of labor by eliminating the constant pressure for wage increases by offering incentive pay, paid weekly, to their employees. It’s a win for the client, the employee, and iJility.
Seasoned supply chain managers are engaged at the site level from implementation through the duration of the partnership, resulting in reduced direct labor costs, higher efficiencies, AQLs, and a clear emphasis on safety.

iJility’s proprietary technology platform aids in creating production modules tailored to their CPU offerings they provide clients. These modules, established during implementation, serve as a focus point for the stay-behind leadership that tracks their teams’ performances in both efficiency and quality relative to the baselines established by their engineering team. Their workforce’s efficiency, attendance, and process accuracy—all tracked within the system— drive the employee’s ability to achieve their production incentives.

These three key factors as qualifying gates for their incentive program have proven to significantly elevate the achievements at a site. In addition, their safety modules allow for greater insight into their most frequently occurring incident types so they can continuously assess, and shift focus to the aspects of the operation that ensures the safety of their team members.

“It is important to note that our solution is not a one size fits all,” says Carl Scott, Vice President of Operations, iJility. “There are various components that drive the success of achieving strong results for our clients every day. The blueprint for each offering is developed as a unique roadmap for that client. We all may have similar concerns we are facing, but each operation, manager, city, and labor market is different. We must understand all of these things before we can develop a customized solution that addresses our client’s pain points.”

Technology plays a key role in the overall delivery of their results, along with customer service, engineering, and supply chain operators who have a fundamental understanding of the daily concerns in the logistics world and how to creatively address those opportunities. The iJility team has significant experience in hundreds of operations providing solutions for organizations around the U.S. They believe that this gives them a unique vantage point of being able to deliver real world solutions that address the mounting concerns facing organizations each day.

iJility’s end-to-end workforce optimization solutions are turning out to be a game-changer amid worker retention challenges and rising labor costs

A client success story best depicts iJility’s efficiency in improving logistics operations. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider onboarded iJility, citing capacity constraints. Their customer was experiencing significant increases in the B2B and B2C space with year-over-year growth of 20 to 36 percent, and finding it challenging to meet the continued need for growth in service and quality. Adding to it was the impact of the labor shortage and high labor costs in the region. They conducted their iJilitySTUDYTM, an engineer-based study reviewing the market, site’s culture, processes, and quality, and then created a solution. They provided a fixed cost solution supported by their VSC, with boots on the ground from their engagement team, engineers, and operations and delivered the following results: While experiencing 34 percent growth at the time of engagement, they have and continue to deliver 100 percent SOT, 99.94 percent quality, and overall cost improvement to the brand.

Thanks to that tremendous success, the provider onboarded iJility for their other operations, making them one of iJility’s largest clients. The team at iJility believes that this ability to grow its footprint organically within existing clients is as important as acquiring new ones. It’s indeed iJility’s rigorous adherence to people, processes, and procedures that empower it to craft such success stories.


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Kelly Sims, Owner/COO

Workforce optimization solutions that offer savings within supply chain’s labor cost. Coupling a highly refined labor management system with a robust technology platform allows them to align with their client’s Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).