Illumeo: A Specialty Learning Platform for Audit, Accounting, and Finance Professionals

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John Kogan, Founder & CEO
Having worked as the CFO at five companies, COO at two, and in numerous finance and accounting roles at some of the world’s leading companies, John Kogan, founder and CEO of Illumeo, approaches corporate professional development from the perspective of one who has ‘been there, done that’ and has seen a lot of training approaches that cost a lot of money but simply do not work well for a variety of reasons. So, John and his co-founder and CTO, Greg Stout, set out to build something different and uniquely useful, a ‘full cycle’, specialty learning platform that was all-encompassing, built specifically for the chronically underserved audience of audit, accounting and corporate finance.

Much of the training delivery to these organizations is the same now as it has been for decades: live and in-person. That may have worked well in the 80’s but as training for software developers, marketers and salespeople has predominantly moved online, professional development for audit, accounting and corporate finance has remained mostly frozen in time. While a few online platforms do exist, they tend to be focused on individual CPAs, ignoring the many needs and requirements of today’s corporate employees and learning organizations, and entirely leaving out the non-CPAs who make up over 85 percent of a typical corporate finance and accounting organization. “Audit, accounting and corporate finance are every bit as technical and complex as any other business function,” said Illumeo founder, John Kogan. “They deserve to have a modern, online and on-demand training solution that’s the equal of, if not better than, those that are available for any other technical professional.”

The desired changes required nothing short of an entire re-imagining of what learning could be for these critical professionals and resulted in the Illumeo Enterprise Learning Platform. Illumeo brought a ‘full-cycle’ learning approach that starts with competency assessment to identify each learner’s unique development needs. The assessment process includes Illumeo’s advanced Course Recommendation Engine that suggests courses to close knowledge gaps, based on hundreds of well-defined, extensively benchmarked job titles.
Assessment leads to learning plans that are unique to each individual, and those learning plans utilize over 1,000 on-demand courses, built by over 200 highly qualified instructors. The instructors utilize the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) learning model which ensures highest quality professional development content. The courses are fully mobile-enabled and consumable any time and on any connected device.

Illumeo is qualified as a continuing education provider by the premier professional associations and certification bodies in audit, accounting, finance, and human resources. Illumeo enables users to achieve global CPE credits in over two dozen key professional certifications (including CPA, CA, CMA and many others).

“We assess our users’ understanding and furnish excellent content to improve it, while CPE credits aid them in maintaining their certifications,” explains Kogan. “It’s the kind of continuing professional development that these highly skilled individuals need in order to survive their current jobs and excel in their careers.”

Illumeo’s recently added Compliance Tracker puts the cherry on top by providing a deep and thorough continuing professional education (CPE) compliance tracking solution, fully integrated into the rest of the Illumeo platform. The Compliance Tracker provides CPE compliance for CPAs globally, as well as for many other certifications in audit, accounting, corporate finance and human resources. As usual, Illumeo provides automated course recommendations that help fill identified CPE compliance gaps with courses and live webinars.

Illumeo’s uniquely focused, high quality and modern take on professional development for audit, accounting and corporate finance brings a truly ‘one-stop-shop’ for these professionals. These critical professionals formerly had to find training primarily on their own or with partial solutions, as there was no corporate LMS available with the massive content library, CPE, and compliance tracking needed to satisfy their particular professional knowledge and credit requirements. This makes Illumeo the only true ‘end-to-end’ solution for audit, accounting and corporate finance professionals.


San Jose, CA

John Kogan, Founder & CEO

Provides a platform that offers function-specific courses, continuing education credit and firm/company controls and reporting for audit, accounting and corporate finance professionals