Illuminate Education: Data-informed Decisions for Student-Educator Success

Lane Rankin, President & CEO
Recently, the management at Statesboro High School located in the city of Statesboro, GA found through a study that its students often struggle with grasping foundational mathematics concepts like those in Analytic Geometry and Algebra. To help students with the absorption and retention of topics, Statesboro High School approached Illuminate Education—a service firm that offers a technology-driven approach through its Education Intelligence Platform to optimize the learning among the students. The high school incorporated the Illuminate Data and Assessment (DnA) product into their environment and created a data-informed culture in order to gauge students understanding on the subject and thereby devising methods to enhance their performance. This adoption resulted in a sharp, measurable improvement in math performance for students at Statesboro High School. Thereafter, the student performance on Georgia’s Math End of Course Test (EOCT) state assessment grew from 38 percent to 70 percent–an improvement of 84 percent that year.

With a wave of change driven by Illuminate’s Education Intelligence Platform, the firm helps educators with a set of well-defined options in preparing them for a successful journey in the education sector. To start with assessments, the firm’s Illuminate Education Intelligence Platform offers Illuminate DnA for instructors to flawlessly build and manage formative assessments, view disparate sources of data for instructions, and head students to learning resources—all in one place. “This will revolutionize the way information is used in education—by students, parents, office staff, teachers, and administrators,” asserts Lane Rankin, President and CEO of Illuminate Education. DnA compares data sets and subgroups of students with the help of simple demographic filters—making easy-to-read graphs and visuals for users to identify the trends in the sector quickly. With DnA, users can securely access, input, and analyze data from any computer with internet access to instantly convey the instructions.

Furthermore, the Education Intelligence Platform efficaciously creates Illuminate Special Education (IEP) to quickly plan and track student performance with zero time delay. IEP—a single and secure, web-based system, gives parents and staff with up-to-date information on students.

To start with assessments, DnA provides teachers with one place to seamlessly build and administer formative assessments

It has the ability to tracks major and minor incidents, behaviors, antecedents, consequences, participants, important dates, location, time and many more aspects. This approach supports continuous progress towards the long-term vision and maximizes the benefits of the customers. Moreover, by using IEP instructors will be able to receive notifications when students are in need of some interventions.

Adding credence to DnA and IEP, the firm’s K-12 Student Information System (SIS) that is designed in collaboration with school districts, works as a modern, powerful standalone student information solution attuned with numerous K-12 technology systems with the power to streamline scheduling and state compliance. SIS creates and distributes custom transcripts and elementary standards-based report cards to aggregate all the assorted school data into one interface to enter, manage, view and report. It helps district level educators to analyze sweeping patterns and trends to employ fast and flexible reports to shape curriculum and instruction in the classroom with zero-time delay.

Illuminate Education is an education company doing technology, and not the other way around. The company is made up of a team of former school administrators, teachers, district technologists, instructional coaches, special education instructors and curriculum directors. And it has also got the technology smarts such as designers and engineers to build products to make lives for students and educators easier. Illuminate Education constantly listens to clients and develops strategies to eclipse the company’s earlier successes and unchain the prospect of data-driven decision making for everyone those who are trying to close the achievement gap.

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Lane Rankin, President & CEO

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