Illumination Works: Decoding the Value of Data through ML

Jon Mitchell, CEO
With hands-on experience in big data implementations for over a decade, Illumination Works is a big data and analytics firm with expertise spanning technologies, methodologies, and skills to match advancements in big data, data science, and analytics. “When it comes to big data, organizations need to see tangible results from the sea of data that they have collected to derive value out of it from an organizational perspective,” says Jon Mitchell, CEO of Illumination Works. This is where Illumination Works’ innovation lab comes to play. The company’s experienced data architects design powerful and customized big data infrastructures with machine learning, advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities to manage these large data sets. “Whether it’s a small exploratory project or a large project, we enable clients to get the insights they need helping them understand the power of their data.”

Illumination Works offers a strong data science team that consists of PhDs from numerous disciplines that apply statistics, machine learning and probability techniques for problem-solving. The company’s robust data science team adds a silver lining to Illumination Works’ stature in the market. The team works with raw data and applies these technologies to disclose meaningful patterns fostering enhanced decision making processes. The company helps clients on various fronts such as the marketing side that includes generating additional revenue from the same customer, better customer engagement or supply chain functions like ordering the right materials to avoid surplus. In the healthcare realm, the company helps achieve consistency across treatment plans for the entire practice. “Big data is a key in our toolkit, but we do not insist on having a big data environment at client place as many of them may just require a simulation solution that can be run on a desktop,” says Mitchell. For instance, the company created a supply chain simulation model for one of its clients that could be used from the desktop directly to provide a high fidelity supply chain model to procure the right parts.

Whether it’s a small exploratory project or a large project, we enable clients to get the insights they need helping them understand the power of their data

With a technology agnostic approach, the company has a breadth of knowledge in various implementations across a broad spectrum of industries. “Our perspective has always been to select the right tools and processes for the job to mature the data to get high fidelity answers to business questions,” says Mitchell. In one instance, Illumination Works has enabled a government client to get insights from contracts that were as old as 30-40 years. “Most of them were handwritten, so we leveraged cloud-based capability to create a repository and then applied machine learning for text to give them key insights on their contract performance and risks.”

Strongly advocating the use of ML, the company is soon going to leverage ML and AI for software system integration. Most clients use multiple software tools that are disconnected hindering the seamless flow of data.”We aim to create a construct to leverage ML to provide a system to system communication in a more autonomous fashion,” says Mitchell. The company is also planning to develop a set of tools in its innovation lab to offer point solutions to various verticals such as financial services, retail, and healthcare. Similarly, Illumination Works is actively working with clients to adopt a more cloud-based approach and foster modern digitalization to speed up the time to market.”A lot of our focus is on the bigger shift to cloud-based capabilities that offer on-demand and consume as you need services to clients,” he concludes.

Illumination Works

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Jon Mitchell, CEO

A solution enablement company with deep expertise and experience in designing and building powerful infrastructures for big data, advanced analytics

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