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Shlomo Touboul, CEO
Beating cyber attackers at their own game is what Shlomo Touboul, a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur believes in. As a former pilot in the Israeli Airforce, his love for flying provides him the opportunity to see the landscape from a different perspective: to view what others don’t see. This inspires Touboul to lead illusive networks in its goal to protect customers by providing unique visibility of their networks from the attacker’s perspective and using that visibility to deceive and stop would-be attackers. “Our architecture and Deceptions Everywhere® approach identifies and blocks advanced attacks by using the attackers’ own methods and momentum against them,” says Touboul, CEO, illusive networks.

Today’s complex networks include countless attack surfaces that are heavily targeted by cyber attackers. This is where a deception based solution is ideal for its ability to change the asymmetry of an advanced attack, by confusing an attacker and forcing him to choose between real and deception placed information. This stops the lateral movement of the attacker early in the infiltration phase. The instant the attacker chooses a deception and tries to use the information to move to another machine, illusive networks software is triggered. Rich forensics are gathered and IT alerted that a breach is in process without the attacker ever knowing.

illusive’s architecture is unique compared to other cybersecurity solutions. The nature of illusive’s security deceptions identify the lateral movement of attackers the instant they use an illusive deception during the infiltration phase of a cyberattack. Unlike honeypot architectures that are better at detainment than detection, illusive systematically deploys thousands of false, but real looking pieces of information including–credentials, passwords, and file shares– from a central server to every endpoint and server–literally deploying ‘deceptions everywhere’. These deceptions appear identical to an organization’s real information that an advanced attacker would expect to find. Honeypot architectures are inefficient, costly to manage and maintain, and easy to identify by attackers. illusive deceptions are agentlessly deployed across every attack vector. These deceptions are strategically deployed in places that are transparent to end users and only visible to those IT teams that manage the illusive software. This centralized agentless deployment decreases the management costs, and increases the coverage and protection on each attack surface.

We believe that it isn’t about the malware, but about the people behind the malware. Deceiving the attacker stops the attack

“Our agile approach to cybersecurity provides ever changing deceptions that advanced attackers can't tell aren't real,” says Touboul. “We believe that it isn’t about the malware, but about the people behind the malware. Deceiving the attacker stops the attack.” Therefore, illusive provides a complete view of the network connections and attack vectors within a network through its Attacker View™. Armed with a precise, detailed map of how attackers view and traverse a network, Attacker View™ empowers IT security professionals to visualize attack paths and adapt their security strategy to mitigate advanced attacker’s lateral movement. Visualizations of the attack paths enable security deceptions to be deployed to obfuscate the existing attack vectors making the attacker’s job exponentially more difficult.

The company is a researcher, innovator, and solution provider, built with an end goal of mitigating advanced attackers and persistent threats. Working with the vision— “Deceptions Everywhere®,” illusive networks is growing its deception platform by adding a new deception family— Advanced Ransomware Guard that deploys ransomware-specific deceptions across the entire network, endpoints and servers and neutralizes ransomware activity at the source hosts.

illusive networks continues to aggressively research and develop deception solutions and enhancements that are updated bi-monthly to its customers to achieve its vision of Deceptions Everywhere®. Envisioning the future, Touboul says, “Our geographic expansion will be in tandem with strategic channel partners to provide broader coverage for today’s attack surfaces and those that will be discovered tomorrow.”

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Shlomo Touboul, CEO

Deceptions for real-time detection of advanced persistent threats

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