Imagiam High Image Techs: An Expert Lenticular Software Provider

David Garcia, CEO
The technological advancements in recent years have greatly influenced both digital printing and offset printing. While digital printing evolved in terms of speed, versatility and capacity, offset printing made significant changes to achieve shorter print runs. With innovation playing a key role to success, the companies in this highly competitive sector set out to seek new applications and materials, setting R&D departments on roll. The outcome of such a strategy is Lenticular printing software.

In 2000, Imagiam High Image Techs, a software company located in Barcelona, Spain, started developing lenticular printing software, which soon became an interesting alternative for printers in need of competent software at a reasonable price. Lenticular printing technology uses a lenticular plastic in order to produce images with the illusion of depth, movement, and 3D. Imagiam developed Lenticular Effects v4.1, a software platform to create and print lenticular images. “The most striking part about this technology is that the visual effects are achieved without stereoscopic glasses. Instead, a thin transparent plastic is adhered to the top of the printed image gives off the “magic” touch. The images must be processed in an intense and very specific way in order to create these types of prints, and that is exactly what our software does,” explains David Garcia, CEO, Imagiam.

Imagiam strives to translate its expertise in advanced digital image processing into tangible benefits for the customers. Firstly, the company optimizes algorithms for maximum speed and minimum consumption of machine resources (RAM and disk accesses), making the application run on commodity hardware, reducing the investment burden on workstations. Secondly, the firm’s software applications are designed to be “ smart” —through automating image analysis, making the solutions quick and easy to use. Imagiam solutions undergo extensive testing in real production environments at several laboratories of the largest manufacturers of printing equipments. “As a result, we are able to deliver high quality software, tested and validated, at a very competitive price,” says Garcia.
Imagiam is currently positioned in the premium sector of the market for lenticular solutions selling across 45 countries worldwide. The company’s lenticular software solutions arrive in various editions, tailored to different market needs, so that customers can only pay for what they use. Additionally, with its progressive pricing model, customers can start with the basic version of the software and can later upgrade to higher versions, depending on the business growth. For every upgrade, Imagiam ensures to avail its customers a discount that equals 80 percent of the amount paid for the license.

The lenticular printing technology of Imagiam is an innovative application that can help companies be different

Additionally, Imagiam provides several levels of training on lenticular printing technology for its customers through support options which include self-help option—where customers are provided with detailed tutorials and, on demand training services through partners and collaborators—for customers looking for an accelerated learning process. “With our support options, the customers can be sure that they will have their lenticular production line up and running, regardless of their level of expertise,” adds Garcia.

“Even though the digital technology poses a competitive threat to the commercial printing industry, the graphic printing sector looks at digital publications, not as competition, but as a way to accompany their products. Thus, digital technology will continue to develop and print shops will offer an increasingly wide range of services, apart from traditional printing,” says Garcia. Going forward, Garcia aims to keep innovation alive within the company, “In order to stay in the industry you have to be unique or offer something unique. The lenticular printing technology of Imagiam is an innovative application that can help companies be different.”

Imagiam High Image Techs

Barcelona, Spain

David Garcia, CEO

Imagiam is a software company dedicated to providing innovative lenticular software solutions to printers, publishers and graphic designers.