Imaginet: Developing InnovativeSolutions, Gaining Productivity and Visibility of the Microsoft Lands

Rod Giesbrecht, CEO Joel Semeniuk, CIO
It was during their careers with large enterprise organizations when Rod Giesbrecht and Joel Semeniuk, cofounders of Imaginet, discovered the significant pain points that businesses faced in terms of the complexity with adopting new Microsoft products. When they reached out to other industry experts, it was confirmed that many organizations were struggling to gain efficiencies from the new technologies. Since 1997, Imaginet has worked to rapidly enable software development processes and to provide trusted guidance towards innovative IT solutions that help businesses to grow.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, MB, Imaginet provides world class solutions to enterprises who are primarily using the Microsoft platform, with specialties in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, Microsoft SharePoint, custom application development, user experience and architecture, business intelligence, assessments, planning, deployment, and operational efficiency with enterprise mobility.

The company enables clients to maintain control when disruptive technologies evolve in the industry. Imaginet uses its own framework, based on the industry’s best-of-breed, in order to allow clients to rapidly benefit from robust technologies and to operate more efficiently. Imaginet’s Application Lifecycle Management Adoption Services helps organizations continually improve their processes, practices, and tools to manage their software application lifecycle. In this management adoption service, Imaginet works with customers to ensure that the needs of business are in line with the work of its development teams. “At Imaginet, we employ highly experienced and certified professionals to work with specific Microsoft technologies who can develop solutions on those platforms. We also provide mentoring and Microsoft consultancy services globally. We work with organizations to help them take advantage of new technologies in order to make their software development and IT processes more efficient while providing guidance towards business innovation and growth,” says Rod Giesbrecht, CEO, Imaginet.

Imaginet has a rapidly growing enterprise mobile practice with their Enterprise Mobility Services. “We work with organizations to produce an enterprise mobility strategy, primarily for internal business applications and supporting internal workers.
This service integrates the existing infrastructure within a mobile environment. It also touches on integration and security scenarios. We can show clients how to leverage the cloud and their internal infrastructure to keep ahead of the mobile wave,” says Joel Semeniuk, CIO.

The proven track record of Imaginet across all streams of business keeps them ahead of the competition. The company works closely with the business executives, from operations to support. “We cover a complete spectrum of the Enterprise IT lifecycle. Our unique ability to enable emerging and disruptive technologies in an organization differentiates us from the rest. We optimize our customer’s businesses and provide new opportunities in the most rapid way possible. We believe in earning and keeping our customer’s trust by continually enabling IT and allowing businesses to innovate in the most effective means possible,” claims Semeniuk.

Imaginet caters to a vast array of industry verticals. For instance, Gibson Energy, a truck transportation company was facing challenges in terms of competitors, regulatory bodies and customers. Gibson engaged Imaginet in order to enhance the software development experience in the business unit with a requirement to address evolving business needs with new technology, and then distribute this innovation to teams and customers. Imaginet’s team tackled Gibson’s challenges and demonstrated the value of the holistic approach to organizational agile adoption and improvement. The company experienced improvement in business financial results and further engaged Imaginet to architect and develop the business and technical integration.

Imaginet’s services spread across 22 countries with over 2400 engagements and 1100 customers. Moving forward, the company is expanding to take advantage of the full Microsoft cloud ecosystem.

Imaginet provides world-class solutions to enterprises on the Microsoft platform that are actively seeking to use technology to accelerate their business strategy


Winnipeg, MB

Rod Giesbrecht, CEO Joel Semeniuk, CIO

Imaginet provides world-class solutions to enterprises on the Microsoft platform that are actively seeking to use technology to accelerate their business strategy