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Scott Knauss, Founder and CEO
Over the years, the risk and severity of cybersecurity threats have increased at an alarming rate. Sophisticated attacks involving malware, phishing, and ransomware, to name a few, have been responsible for placing sensitive data and assets of corporations, governments, and individuals at risk. Therefore, it is imperative that cybersecurity professionals and experts remain ahead of the evolving threats to combat it effectively. Virginia based Immauss Cybersecurity is an innovative network and cybersecurity services provider that delivers quality protection services to organizations from all sectors. According to Scott Knauss, Founder and CEO of Immauss Cybersecurity, “The mindset of simply meeting standards and adhering to compliance regulations is no longer sufficient to thwart modern attackers. Maintaining good cybersecurity posture is a continuous process that involves preparing for threats rather than managing them reactively later on.” Immauss Cybersecurity focuses on building personal connections with clients, and this enables the company to have more in-depth insights into a client’s operations and identify vulnerabilities that are critical to maintaining cybersecurity.

Immauss Cybersecurity begins the process of conducting risk assessments and developing deeper relationships with clients by interviewing a company’s IT department and then moves on to the managerial teams. The goal of the interviews is to have a clear and detailed understanding of the client’s data as there are often areas susceptible to attacks, for instance, sensitive information stored on unsecured FTP servers or personally identifiable information locked behind inadequate protection. Thereafter, Immauss Cybersecurity makes personalized recommendations based on their findings aimed at enhancing security and thwarting bad actors. Moreover, the focus is not only on identifying what clients are doing wrong but also highlighting what they are doing right when it comes to maintaining an overall cybersecurity posture. Immauss Cybersecurity’s primary offering is a product called Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), which is a role specifically designed to help small and medium businesses that may lack the budget and resources to employ a dedicated in house CISO. The vCISOprovides expert guidance to companies to establish solid security measures, monitor and adjust these based on needs, and respond to threats.

Immauss Cybersecurity provides affordable network and system auditing services, both onsite and remote.

vCISO provides expert guidance to companies to establish solid security measures, monitor and adjust these based on needs, and respond to threats

The remote audit capability— called Audit-Pi—is performed through a Raspberry Pi, which is pre-configured to work with a customer network. The Audit- Pi only requires an ethernet connection to provide Immauss Cybersecurity’s security analyst with a view of the client’s internal security network via an AES encrypted channel to ensure security and privacy of data. Other services offered by Immauss Cybersecurity include website audits and HIPAA audits for the healthcare industry to ensure that the privacy and security of patients’ personal and health information meet governmental regulations. Another company focus is penetration testing and general consulting to address the security concerns of clients.

Citing a real-life instance of a client, Knauss spoke of how Immauss Cybersecurity worked to ramp up the Cybersecurity posture of a non-profit organization performing clinical trials. The client relied on a web application to collect clinical trial information and secure sensitive patient information contained in the application.For over seven years now, the collaboration between Immauss Cybersecurity and this non-profit has enabled the client to successfully protect their intricate systems and network from attackers. Moving forward, Immauss Cybersecurity intends to expand into Canada with the help of a partner. The company is also focused on providing governmental agencies with cybersecurity services to address the increasing number of ransomware attacks that cost their victims billions of dollars and put sensitive information in jeopardy. Knauss believes that by providing effective protection against hackers through careful analysis, planning and education, Immauss Cybersecurity is helping communities and, in turn, making the world a safer place.

Immauss Cybersecurity

Tysons Corner, Virginia

Scott Knauss, Founder and CEO

Provides innovative and affordable network and system security protection services

Immauss Cybersecurity