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Adam Twersky, Principal, and Founder and Howard Mccabe, Ceo, Dream Syndicate Augmented reality technology has seen exponential growth in 2020. Commercial use of the technology has exploded due to use by leading market leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. According to MarketsandMarkets, the market for AR technology is worth $15.3 billion. By the end of 2020, AR active devices were estimated to rise to 598 million units and are projected to grow to 1.73 billion by 2024. On the other hand, VR technology has also witnessed massive developments in the past year alone. From uses in training and online education and VR-aided retail shopping to experiencing destination in virtual tourism, VR is growing steadily to become the new norm.

The catch-all term “XR” incorporates AR/VR with other disruptive tech such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), spatial computing, and others. This digital convergence is bringing together powerful technologies faster than ever before, as evidenced by the increasing use in global enterprises. XR applications are used to create realistic simulations in risk-free and cost-effective environments, and allow businesses to take their customer interactions to the next level. But the rapid rate of innovation along with a number of factors involved in the decision making, companies need the help of a dedicated XR expert in order to craft and implement a strategic plan using these technological innovations.

As valued XR technology partners for organizations across the world, ImmersiveXR helps clients with everything that ranges from strategic planning and consultations to developing turnkey deployments. What makes the organization unique is its access to key resources and strategic partnerships combined with a collaborative spirit, where imagination is the limit to countless opportunities. ImmersiveXR works with industry leaders and companies seeking innovative ways to get or stay ahead of their competitors. Considered as trusted partners in the development of enterprise AR/VR solutions, ImmersiveXR carries out consulting and XR implementation services while exploring new technological opportunities.

A Plethora of Development Services

ImmersiveXR is an experiential design company using a variety of high end equipment to develop innovative software and experiences, primarily for corporate clients seeking to impress, educate, or entertain their audience.
In the global technology landscape, the focus for the past couple of years has been on augmented reality and virtual reality. ImmersiveXR understands these tides of change and has produced immersive experiences for top executives around the world by facilitating a virtual reality lounge at events across the US and in Europe and Africa. The company’s developmental services extend beyond AR/VR development and video production to not only include data and API integration but also healthcare simulations & assessments and motion capture technology.

Adam Twersky, Principal and Founder of ImmersiveXR believed that, among various emerging technologies, AR/VR would have the most impact on businesses. Having worked as a technology consultant throughout his career, Twersky felt a natural progression to start his own company where he could wholeheartedly devote his time and energy.

In 2017, Twersky hired a team of passionate programmers to create a content studio, and he learned the production process from the ground up. “Ever since inception, we have been designing futuristic simulations and training modules for multiple enterprises around the world,” he adds.

In today’s world, people need something new, different, and exciting. Enterprises understand this rising need and are ever on the lookout for solutions that can attract, engage, and retain the masses. ImmersiveXR brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the party with augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 videos, gamification, app development, live events, and other immersive experiences. The company produces activations in-house and also provides outsourced services and joint collaborations.

A Client-Centric Approach to Delivering XR solutions

In the corporate space, there are innovation officers responsible for making strategic decisions, including budget planning for procuring technology. But technology disruption is happening really fast, and keeping an eye on every latest update is an arduous task. These officers are hard-pressed to collect and process vast amounts of information on technology innovation from different news outlets and trade shows. “Addressing the issue, we help them step into the future and experience future technologies through our cutting edge simulations and consulting services,” says Twersky.

The team at ImmersiveXR at experts in consulting, specialized project management, beta testing, b2b outsourcing and partnerships, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality (AR/VR/ MR) and a long list of technologies and projects related to digital convergence for its clients. Since AR/VR is a complex topic, the business use cases around these technologies need to be evaluated comprehensively. To that end, ImmersiveXR understands not just the client’s business but also their representatives and teams who will work with the company in a project.

Addressing issues, we help clients step into the future and experience future technologies through our cutting edge simulations and consulting services

“We offer a pragmatic XR technology strategy based on the client’s needs so they can easily achieve their goals. By working closely with the client and learning about their business requisites, we can chart a clear roadmap from the technology and cost perspective,” states Twersky. Moreover, ImmersiveXR’s team regards any project from an engineering as well as an aesthetic and artistic standpoint, which paves the way for immersive simulations.

As a case study, ImmersiveXR created a VR warehouse simulation solution for the logistics company Voxware. The solution was used to demonstrate how Voxware’s AR picking system helped employees pick, arrange, and pack orders. This solution was critical for Voxware’s upcoming trade shows and conferences, as it facilitated the communication of their new technology both internally to employees and externally to customers and prospects. Twersky adds, “We also played the role of a professional partner training their staff to run the simulations independently, and enabling them to manage not just the content but the hardware as well.”

Always on the Lookout to Innovate

ImmersiveXR’s training services are important to many clients given that AR/VR technologies are being updated constantly with enhanced features, which is confusing to most people who don’t live and breathe XR technology every day like the team does.

The company is always looking for new ways to utilize immersive technologies. The latest innovations, such as the Oculus Quest can be a game-changer as far as VR headsets are concerned. And due to the headset’s price and ease of use, it is expected to boost people’s interest in VR technology. With that in mind, ImmersiveXR is developing solutions that are compliant with the Oculus Quest headset.

In general, new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital twins can be expected to bring new possibilities in different industries. So a substantial part of what ImmersiveXR does is to research new technologies and network with the people who understand them the best. These activities are key to helping clients adapt to the digital transformation evident in every industry.


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Adam Twersky, Principal, and Founder and Howard Mccabe, Ceo, Dream Syndicate

A team of passionate futurists, designers, thinkers, creators, dedicated to the advancement and adoption of immersive technologies. What started out as a small content studio quickly transformed into something much more, and today the company is at the forefront of innovation as a trusted partner to top brands and business leaders around the world. In addition to developing enterprise solutions in AR/VR/360, ImmersiveXR actively supports the industry as a beta test partner and offers an array of contract services for peers and vendors. A large part of what the company does is research new technologies and network with people that are experts in the field