Impact: Optimizing Marketing Expenditure

Scott Brazina, CMO
Where are the paid media and marketing dollars going? In today’s marketing world, brands lack confidence in the knowledge that their marketing expenditures for both online and offline advertising are being properly optimized and free of fraud. “They are unsure whether their ads are being viewed by humans or bots, and whether the data being used to undertake sound decisions are accurate and trustworthy,” begins Scott Brazina, CMO of Impact.A SaaS-based marketing technology company, Impact is focused on helping marketers detect ad fraud, make more informed decisions about their marketing expenditures, optimize their marketing investments, as well as manage and grow their performance partnerships. “Our technology brings attribution, multichannel measurement, transparency, and optimization across marketing channels, along with ad fraud detection capabilities and data integrity to provide a trusted view of the customer journey,” explains Brazina.

Impact’s technology benefits clients through three core products within the company’s natively integrated software platform—Radius, Altitude, and Forensiq. The Radius solution focuses on tracking and managing brand relationships with affiliates or partners, and caters to all types of partner marketing relationships. Every brand has relationships with thousands of partners dispersed across markets and geographies. Impact successfully establishes performance marketing management by tracking every single partner and handling reporting and compensation. Through Radius, Impact has helped clients create and grow their partnerships, set up agreements, manage programs, and nearly $1.5 billion in partnership payouts for clients in real-time.

Many brands continue to use the last touch attribution model to ascertain the potential of a product prior to sale. Altitude, a multi-touch, channel measurement solution, analyzes the customer’s journey across marketing channels right down to the point of referrals to address the aforementioned predicaments. It provides visibility into touchpoints such as SEO content, page searches, email marketing, website visits, meetings, and phone interactions between business development representatives to measure performance across each channel (online and offline), to determine the most appropriate marketing strategy. It also solves the problem of conflicting data, cleansing marketers’ data and unifying it in a single system of record.

Across the digital marketing ecosystem, misrepresentation of website visit numbers, staging of mobile apps, URL mapping, and creating false downloads are all obstacles to a brand’s growth.
On that note, the current industry estimates fraudulent ad spend as high as 30 percent, making brands lose millions of dollars as marketing executives are unable to detect whether an ad is genuine, presented in the right channel, and viewed by human eyes. This predicament is solved by Impact’s Forensiq, which detects, monitors, and eliminates ad fraud, while resolving issues regarding viewability and data integrity. The Forensiq solution, in combination with Altitude and Radius, provides clean data across multiple channels and sheds light on attribution and multichannel optimization by identifying the most beneficial approaches for the client.

Our technology brings attribution, multichannel measurement, and optimization across marketing channels along with ad fraud detection capabilities and data integrity

Impact partners with outsourced performance marketing (OPM) agencies and combines their expertise with the client’s in-house agencies to onboard the technology within three to four weeks of purchase. Impact has strategic partner relationships with several marketing technology agencies instead of competing with them; this creates a successful scenario for clients and increases return on investment.

Brazina illustrates a scenario in which Lenovo faced reporting and knowledge sharing challenges, along with inconsistent workflows as the company employed several affiliate partners and programs spread across the globe. Upon implementing Radius, Lenovo was able to amalgamate all the programs onto a single platform, achieve optimal partner marketing management, enhance partner collaboration, streamline reporting, and increase revenue as well as efficiency. Lenovo recently implemented Altitude and has begun working on multi-touch attribution, as well as enhancing channel optimization.

With more than a decade’s experience in the marketing technology field, Impact plans to onboard new employees across its seven offices around the world over the next 12 months. “The integration of the martech stack as a platform is underway across the marketing space. Impact caters to this trend and sets an example with its performance marketing platform,” concludes Brazina.


Santa Barbara, CA

Scott Brazina, CMO

Impact provides a SaaS-based marketing technology platform to detect ad fraud, deliver marketing intelligence, and manage performance marketing partnership. Its platform is designed to help marketers gain more trust and confidence in their decisions, and to grow their business