Impact Group: Planning Value and Delivering High Value Solutions

In today’s project management landscape, effective governance plays a vital role in running seamless business operations. Of late however, CIOs have been facing significant governance challenges, resulting in inefficient project management and subpar outcomes. Impact Group is addressing these challenges by providing a framework that assists clients in value determination, deployment, and realization. Headquartered in Saint Paul, MN, Impact Group is a management consulting firm specializing in large scale IT and supply chain strategy, project delivery, and enterprise program management.

Impact Group delivers value deployment via introducing a program framework that aligns to their clients’ culture, allowing a suite of projects to be managed as an integrated program. This leads to value realization, experienced by delivering projects, which results in real business solutions with quantifiable return on project investments.

The company primarily helps customers turn IT and supply chain strategies into reality through successful governance and delivery of programs. Impact Group also expands its expertise to the IT operations domain, where they provide solutions like help desk, managed services, security, and asset recovery capabilities for integrated systems. These offerings are fully integrated into Impact Group’s broad suite of services, complementing their program and project management expertise.

Over the years, Impact Group has adopted various innovative trends to optimize their project management capabilities as organizations move toward the formal establishment of Enterprise Program Management Offices (EPMO). To keep pace with the latest trend, Impact Group helps organizations enhance their EPMO to ensure that it is an effective tool for project managers. The company helps clients establish an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) within an organization to guide them in identifying and funding priority projects that support their business strategies. Impact Group also assists organizations to position an Operational Leadership Team (OLT), accountable for prioritizing near-term projects, reporting on project progress, and helping properly utilize existing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools.
Furthermore, Impact Group offers a full suite of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based processes that are being utilized to run the company’s own internal operations as well as client-based service delivery. These services specifically assist clients in areas like incident management, service delivery, access, change and release management. Impact Group has evolved into a complete service provider, spanning IT and supply chain strategy development, program and project management, and managed and security services. Since 1990, Impact Group has enabled various organizations plan for value and delivers results. In an implementation highlight, a longtime client approached Impact Group to direct their integration process, after completing a large acquisition. Impact Group managed the integration of the newly acquired entities within the existing organization. The project involved business and complete IT integration of both the organizations. Impact Group assisted the customer in establishing a program office and project management framework that was accountable for the management of 13 major work streams required for the integration. Impact Group worked with executives of both entities to drive productivity and represented all the amalgamation and acquisition efforts. This initiative resulted in balancing the speed of integration to minimize costs related to running duplicate business systems, technologies, and infrastructures.

Apart from being successful in integration processes, Impact Group keeps their doors open to tackle other interesting challenges across industries. Recently, a leading Research University sought help from Impact Group to replace the system that manages their digital assets. Impact Group’s associates managed the project and through innovation, created a framework and eventually developed the required digital asset management technology.

In the imminent future, the company intends to broaden their geographical footprint and further develop their security service offerings with a complete delivery and support model around the same.

Impact Group

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