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Halfway into 2020, a new world order for the COVID-19 era is emerging. Businesses across the globe are struggling with lost revenue, quarantine measures, lockdowns, and supply chain disruptions. In fact, many economists believe that a recession is on the horizon. However, businesses can still overcome this crisis by focusing on spend management. Companies now are drilling deep into their sourcing plans, supply chain processes, analytics, and risk management. But, to keep all these factors running seamlessly, they need a proper procurement strategy. They have to move away from traditional time-consuming methodologies and outdated technologies by adopting advanced tools that can help them gain complete visibility into what they are spending their money on.

Established to help organizations mitigate the challenges associated with procurement is Impendi Analytics. The company primarily provides practical and sustainable solutions for clients to help them manage their procurement spend and drive bottomline growth. “We are analytics-driven and have developed a set of comprehensive methodologies and tools that allow us to analyze large data sets and gain insights on procurement – all for the purpose of accelerating savings” says Pat Doneen, Partner at Impendi Analytics. The company’s powerful data-driven approach extracts value from every dollar spent, generating profit improvements that can be used for growth, expansion, or capital appreciation. Impendi Analytics ensures quick access and visibility to clients’ spend with comprehensive and insightful data on specific categories.

What makes Impendi Analytics unique is its dedicated and experienced workforce with deep-rooted expertise in strategic sourcing, big data analytics, corporate turnaround, procurement, and supply chain. Such a group of data-driven transformation specialists enables the company to deliver cost reduction programs, revenue growth solutions, and continuous analytics for clients across a broad range of industries and services. Impendi Analytics also maintains a group of subject matter experts in various functional areas of IT, which allows them to work with several tier one IT suppliers, including software developers, hardware manufacturers, and telecom network and equipment providers. Also, the company deploys its teams of experts for project implementation to deliver industry-best outcomes.
Such expertise forged with experience in proven implementation strategies allows Impendi Analytics to easily transform their conventional procurement methods to a true strategic sourcing function.

“Impendi Analytics 8 week Spend Analysis and Diagnostic Process enables this ‘time to value’ proposition and helps Impendi Analytics’ clients quickly identify the best suitable commercial deals including cost take-outs, payment term improvements, software license deals structured according to their requirements as well as other improvements” says Harry Geaneotes, Principle at Impendi Analytics. The company goes the extra mile with their post Diagnostic Procurement Engagement Process to help its clients achieve optimized deal structures, rather than just helping them deliver optimized cost. Aside from this, the company provides various ancillary services pertaining to procurement, including Supplier Risk Management, which allows clients to track their relations and interactions with their supplier base and identify issues before they occur.

As an aggressive, well-resourced, nimble organization, Impendi Analytics exhibits agility and flexibility in its business model. This approach plays a key role in helping them quickly adapt to new paradigm shifts in the industry. Moving forward, the company is planning to strategize new partnerships in order to add more value to its clients and extend its reach to more industry verticals, which includes—but, is not limited to— healthcare. Also, the innovation labs at Impendi Analytics are continuously working to enhance their service offerings and analytics tools to cater to the current pandemic-hit situation. “We have a commitment to over-delivering value for our client partners and we work hard to deliver tangible results quickly and efficiently. We are constantly looking for ways to improve how we work with our clients, increase our impact, and deliver even better results,” concludes Talbot.

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Pat Doneen, Partner, Chris Talbot, Principal Consultant and Harry Geaneotes, Principal Consultant

Creates executable strategies to drive cost reduction, revenue improvement, and enhanced bottom-line performance by combining enhanced data analytics with deep subject matter expertise

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