Imprivata: Helping Healthcare Companies Manage User Access and Authentication

Omar Hussain, President & CEO
Desktop virtualization delivers a number of benefits in healthcare, giving providers access to clinical applications and patient information at the point of care. It can also reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve security by centralizing protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data (and removing it from endpoints spread throughout the organization).

However, healthcare IT leaders face the challenge of balancing the accessibility and convenience that virtual desktops offer with the need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and safeguard PHI. “Organizations must develop a system to secure who has access to PHI and how it is used. Imprivata has broken new grounds by providing authentication, access management and secures communication solutions to help healthcare organizations unlock the power of desktop virtualization,” says Omar Hussain, President and CEO, Imprivata.

Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Imprivata is provider of authentication, access management, and secure communications solutions for healthcare. By strengthening user authentication and streamlining access to virtual desktops, customers can realize improved workflows, increased security, and compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. “Instead of logging on with a username and password, clinicians can log on to their computer systems using fingerprint readers, proximity cards, smartcards, or tokens. This will make working easier, with these virtual desktops accessible anywhere and at any time,” adds Hussain.

Healthcare is inherently collaborative, so access to information needs to be readily available to providers so they can deliver care as efficiently and effectively as possible. This has driven adoption of desktop virtualization.

However, while a virtual desktop delivers clinical applications and patient information to providers at the point of care, access can be slowed down through re-entering passwords. But Imprivata’s single sign-on (SSO) and access management solution, Imprivata OneSign®, gives clinical staff fast, secure access to their virtual desktops and support the increasingly mobile nature of today’s healthcare workforce. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with an automated SSO process, Imprivata OneSign gives providers efficient, seamless access to virtual desktops, clinical applications and patient information at the point of care.
This solution is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and recognized by Gartner.

Imprivata recently rolled out a new solution, Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communications platform for healthcare. Imprivata Cortext enables more efficient, secure and reliable communication between providers inside and outside the hospital using smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It supports native platforms for iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices, BlackBerrys, and desktops to improve communications and care coordination while addressing the inefficiencies of pagers and other outdated technologies. “Imprivata Cortext allows providers to more easily coordinate care across employed and affiliated providers, and across multiple healthcare organizations – thereby, reducing re-admissions and maximizing reimbursements. It improves patient safety and satisfaction with more time by patients’ bedsides, enabled by easy, real-time access to patient information,” explains Hussain.

Imprivata has broken new grounds by providing authentication and access management solutions for healthcare to unlock the power of desktop virtualization

Today Imprivata’s customers pick them versus any other vendor because the clients know that Imprivata understands clinical workflow requirements and its solutions are designed to not only be easy-to-use, but with unique algorithm and IP to make things simpler. The company is also concentrating on R&D, making breakthroughs in presenting something different and innovative for the industry. “We are one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the world and we will continue to innovate and add new products and build products keeping the evolving future in mind,” concludes Hussain.


Lexington, MA

Omar Hussain, President & CEO

Provider of authentication, access management, and secure communications solutions for healthcare.