Improved Apps: Enabling Organisations to Unleash Salesforce Potential

Paul Field, CEO
One of the built-in advantages of Salesforce is the intuitive user experience. Investment in and around Salesforce continues to be significant and extends beyond CRM, but the returns do not always meet expectations. Many CIOs face problems due to focusing on the tool in its own right rather than as a tool to achieve specific objectives. It is only when emphasis and effort is placed on sales enablement, onboarding and compliance that the real rewards of increased revenues can be achieved. “Improved Apps is all about making life easier for Salesforce customers and driving its adoption through intuitive apps that enable successful onboarding, deliver embedded training and convey changes in a simple and effective manner,” says Paul Field, CEO of Improved Apps. “This allows organisations to focus on the real task in hand of improving sales productivity and cutting support costs.”

Improved Apps provide solutions that address the productivity issues for organisations by providing in-app, context-aware help and guidance to ensure that users employ Salesforce correctly. The company then collects the combined intellectual property of the organisation and makes that knowledge available as a ‘coach-in-an-app’ for users. They also provide targeted and acknowledged communications within Salesforce to deliver comprehensive compliance capabilities. The final main pillar of capability lies in the support of change management by ensuring that, as markets, products, and regulations move on, documentation, practices and behavior also move. “The real objective is to improve productivity: To get there, we need to address the challenges of onboarding, sales enablement, compliance and change management. The CIO’s issues of adoption and ROI get fixed as a consequence of focusing correctly,” adds Field.

Improved Apps offers Improved Help, an embedded help and training tool, along with Improved Noticeboard, a real-time interactive notifications feature that can manage critical communications by targeting individual users with key information.“Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard are written using the same tools as Salesforce itself and embedded within Salesforce,” says Field.

Improved Apps wants to ensure everyone reaps the rewards from Salesforce

The company is leading the way in Enterprise Success Planning (ESP) and developing ways within Salesforce to give an organisation a greater understanding of how their users engage with the application. This allows enterprises to dynamically evolve guidance based on the perspective of real engagements. “Improved Apps wants to ensure everyone reaps the rewards from Salesforce,” explains Field. Starting with the objective of improving performance and adoption on a continual basis, the Improved Apps approach is to provide information, interactive user guides and help that are intuitive and take into account the role, competence and transaction history to deliver pertinent assistance when and where it is needed.

One customer–Qlik (offering data discovery and delivering intuitive solutions for self-service data visualisation and guided analytics) - was facing the challenge of onboarding and training large numbers of people, and communicating effectively. By implementing Improved Apps the client gained a cost-effective and efficient alternative to classroom and web-based training, and a targeted and auditable method of communication. The apps have given their Salesforce users–both internally and in their partner portal—what they need, when and where they want it, by way of contextual self-service support.

The company invests continuously in improving the functionality and usability of their products, extending their reach with innovative new offerings and supporting solutions with services and content that drive success cost-effectively. “Our original product-focused approach has now expanded to provide complete solutions that ensure customers get the most out of their investments in people and apps,” concludes Field.

Improved Apps

Surrey, U.K.

Paul Field, CEO

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Improved Apps