IMS Software: New Tricks for Old Dogs

Dan Wrenn, president
Dan Wrenn, president of IMS Software, sees a looming change in what has traditionally been a necessary but somewhat unexciting sector of the CAD/CAM software market. His company is exploring new methods to deliver traditional capabilities in new ways—through Software as a Service (SaaS), on new platforms (including handheld devices), and through closer partnerships with industry-leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) providers.

IMS Software, headquartered in Haverhill, MA specializes in advanced solutions for CNC post processing, verification and machine simulation. Their software development tool IMS post transforms CAD/CAM cutter location (CL) files into the specific machine (G/M) codes required by CNC machines, while IMS verify validates those codes, checks for gouges in the part and for collisions on the machine. The architecture of the IMS products supports a wide variety of machine types and controllers, and is constantly evolving to support a growing range of manufacturing technologies. An intuitive interface coupled with advanced features and seamless integration with leading CAD/CAM systems has kept IMS on the leading edge for 25 years.

That core architecture underlying IMS post and IMS verify adds even more value when the products are deployed as a complete solution, with a single seamless interface to simultaneously view the CAM system data (APT), machine code, material removal and full machine simulation.

Delivering proven, optimized code to the machine allows IMS customers to roll out new programs with confidence, and to leverage all the capabilities of modern CNC machines. IMS Software serves an impressive clientele of OEM’s and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace,energy and consumer products industries worldwide.

Cloud-based solutions offer new and interesting possibilities for IMS to integrate our offerings with an everwidening landscape of other solutions

“Stiles Machinery Inc., a Michigan-based provider of advanced manufacturing equipment, recently partnered with IMS to deliver a complex solution for a large Aerospace OEM. The new Belotti combination 5-axis Milling/Waterjet CNC machine to be implemented was required to run a large catalog of existing programs that could not be rewritten, as well as support new programs. The IMS solution provided consisted of a custom reverse post for the legacy data, and a custom developed different ways, in addition to supporting traditional software and service delivery models. Self-service support portal tools will provide customers with a single view of all licensing, support and custom project information. Libraries of pre-configured solutions tightly integrated inside leading CAD/CAM systems and continuously updated via web technologies ensure the latest capabilities are front and center for both resellers and end users.

In addition “it’s clear from our customers and partners that hosted solutions and pay-as-you-go delivery models will become more prevalent over time” says Wrenn. “Cloud-based solutions offer new and interesting possibilities for IMS to integrate our offerings with an ever-widening landscape of other solutions. Our core technology focus is how to best support and deliver our products on these new platforms with the responsiveness and focus our customers have come to expect.“

IMS Software

Haverhill, MA

Dan Wrenn, president

Software and services for advanced CNC postprocessing, verification and simulation