Imua: Innovate Faster by Training Your Team to Use Low/No-Code App Platforms

Nearly every organization needs to adopt a digital first mindset for their business, but most struggle to meet digital transformation goals due to lack of in-house software developers. No-code web development tools are dramatically changing how you can approach building web and mobile applications and they reduce the need for exclusively using trained software engineers, instead enabling non-technical individuals to create apps. Imua Studio builds no-code applications for Fortune 100 companies and startups in the prestigious accelerator YCombinator and wants to show your business how you can do the same. If you’re looking to incorporate no-code learning & development in your organization, Imua has started training non-technical professionals and students in no-code web development.

Low/no-code development platforms like have been created to speed up the development of apps and enable non-technical users to design and build these applications. Based in San Francisco, Imua specializes in design-thinking to create elegant no-code solutions for businesses and is excited to offer 4-week training programs to instill no-code abilities in organizations. Upskilling employees enables them to act as their own technical resource, saving precious internal software development bandwidth and facilitating more automation and digital-first solutions to critical business priorities.

In their app development, Imua “…starts with the user experience and then finds the right no-code layers of technology to leverage to achieve simple, meaningful product experiences,” states Eric Johnson, founder of Imua. They bring this mindset to their no-code instruction as well, helping their students to understand the value of creating a strong plan for the design of the user experience, giving the final software solution the best chance at success. “It is always worthwhile to start with lower fidelity versions or clickable prototypes of a design and further validate it based on feedback,” adds Johnson. This user-centric experience helps to de-risk the design to be implemented.

“We fully embrace no-code tools like and Webflow and we want to help our clients and students understand how they fully utilize it,” asserts Johnson. Imua’s model is centered around Google Venture’s 5 Day sprint, but spread over 4 weeks to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. The company is motivated to help organizations up-skill their non-technical employees to build a web application for themselves. Imua has created a library of learning templates that can make the education experience faster and easier while helping people learn the fundamentals.

Where traditional software development can sometimes take months to build even simple applications, now with no-code one can achieve that in a matter of weeks

By offering pre-built applications that cover a core set of common business use cases, their students can learn the fundamentals and then modify the 20 percent of an application that is custom to their use case and benefit from having 80 percent of the app already built.

In one instance this summer, an entrepreneurship and innovation organization approached Imua to build an internal application for their organization. After hearing the requirements, Imua recognized that it was a use case they could provide instruction for based on their templates, and they instead provided instruction and learning resources to enable employees of the organization learn how to build the application on their own. Over a four-week period, a non-technical member of the client’s team participated in Imua’s four-week learning boot camp to invest in learning and building the web application in, a no-code platform. Imua trained the employee to plan and implement their design, and they were able to launch the application without retaining Imua as the primary developers on the project. It proved beneficial in the long run as the client could fully own the development for the future iterations of this project. Moreover, the client’s team reduced time in other new projects while bringing an idea to a functional concept in the hand of their customers.

Forging ahead, Imua will be heavily focused on maintaining its position as a no-code expert and thought leader and a top firm in delivering high-polish no-code applications. The company aims to collaborate with other organizations to assist them in rapidly designing and developing applications. Further, Imua is organizing more learning boot camps monthly and increasing its impact in aiding people to build digital products faster and smarter. “Where traditional software development can sometimes take months to build even simple applications, now with no-code one can achieve that in a matter of weeks,” concludes Johnson.


San Francisco, CA

Eric Johnson, Founder

Imua partners with clients to help them innovate faster with no-code tools