In2itive: Intuitive Enterprise Architecture

Thach Le, President & CEO
Over the years, Enterprise Architecture (EA) has grown more complex and demanding. This complexity has resulted in companies investing millions of dollars to train people on the use of EA and navigate through the complexities of EA frameworks and software.

As practicing enterprise architects and industry veterans, Steven Kestler and Thach Le recognized this problem and founded In2itive to simplify the complex nature of EA. “The whole concept of why we created In2itive is centered on ‘demystifying’ the practice of EA and making it easier for people to use,” says Kestler, VP and CTO, In2itive. In2itive has accomplished this goal through Cloud- EA, which is a component of their In2itive Cloud Business Transformation Platform. Cloud-EA consists of a suite of web applications, which are connected to a centralized repository and designed for Software as a Service (SaaS). The In2itive Cloud Platform is accessible via common web browsers and is 100 percent cloud-based, cost-effective, easy-to-adopt, and delivers real-time business value.

“We have a rich feature set within the In2itive Cloud platform and it is aligned with how easy it is to use the technology,” notes Le, President and CEO, In2itive. For instance, a leading EA training institution was facing challenges in offering an EA tool for their students to use as part of their curriculum in the allotted training time. “Cloud-EA was implemented as a learning enabler and the students quickly discovered that it is highly intuitive and feature-rich. After the completion of a one hour training workshop, the students were able to operationalize core aspects of an EA Framework and gain a higher-level understanding of EA operations.” Architecture compliance is also a key component of the Cloud-EA package. “In2itive customers using Cloud-EA for DoDAF are able to meet the necessary compliance when developing architectures so that they meet DoDAF standards and quality requirements of DoD architectures,” shares Le.

Cloud-EA represents just one domain within the In2itive Cloud Platform in support of business transformation. The In2itive Platform is comprised of four components which include EA, Portfolio Management (PfM), Decision Support (DS) and Reporting and Analysis (R&A). The suite of web apps associated with each component are all connected to a centralized repository in support of teaming and collaboration as well as data sharing.
Steven Kestler, VP & CTO
Users can choose the apps that suit their unique business needs as Cloud- EA supports various EA frameworks like DoDAF, FEAF, and TOGAF, and makes them accessible via an application environment. “The In2itive Cloud-EA package supports the ability to establish a Federated Architecture environment, allowing an organization to tackle the enterprise in bite-sized chunks, and when ready, users have the ability to integrate the architectural data to form a holistic view of their Enterprise in support of business transformation efforts,” notes Kestler.

In2itive’s philosophy is that end user software should be “intuitive”… easy to use, easy to adopt, and provide real business value

In addition, the In2itive Cloud Platform has been modularized so customers have the ability to mix and match and take the best of all the three EA frameworks in order to meet their needs. The In2itive Cloud Platform can be commercially hosted or the platform can be deployed on premise. This flexibility allows an organization to select a deployment option that is right for their business needs.

In2itive continues to focus on expanding their connected enterprise which is centered on EA, decision support, portfolio management, governance, as well as analysis and reporting. The company is constantly enhancing their technology by having their certified enterprise architects on the ground working directly with and learning from their customers. User community feedback and customer insights are key to evolving the In2itive Cloud Platform, allowing In2itive to continually improve the software and align platform capabilities with user needs. The ultimate goal behind the In2itive Cloud Platform is to help customers answer the hard questions faced by businesses today and to provide the resources that enable better informed decisions.


Alexandria, VA

Thach Le, President & CEO and Steven Kestler, VP & CTO

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