INAP - MIRO: Next-Gen Solution for Efficient Network Capabilities

Michael Ruffolo, President & CEO
End users around the world demand websites that load faster with a high rate of responsiveness. Achieving such quicker load times can be challenging as the audience access internet from different parts of the world using a variety devices. INAP is an internet infrastructure provider with hybrid infrastructure resources that span a global network of data centers, optimized from the application to the end user. The company’s solutions focus on high speed asset delivery by integrating website acceleration, software delivery, and mobile delivery— enabling clients to focus exclusively on content creation remarks. “By combining a 100 percent Solid State Drive (SSD) caching server infrastructure, we built our route-optimized Performance IP based CDN to ensure your applications perform efficiently no matter where your audiences are,” explains Michael Ruffolo, President and CEO, INAP.

Our innovative CDN packages and support for multiple platforms allows us to serve enterprises across verticals like eCommerce, healthcare, and gaming

INAP’s CDN services employ a patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) technology that dynamically selects the most efficient network routes across multiple tier- 1 backbones to edge servers and end users. “MIRO works in conjunction with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to route around trouble spots and outages to speed the delivery of origin content to edge caches and end users,” says Ruffolo.The company’s CDN Portal service offers a user-friendly interface with support for simple uploading, transcoding and delivery of assets integrated with advanced analytical and reporting tools.
The web acceleration property built in INAP’s CDN portal combines the right tools to provide end users with fast and reliable website content with flexible capabilities to manage sensitive assets. With secure authentication methods, and website caching and cache purge functionalities, INAP follows a hybrid infrastructure approach—blending both virtual and bare-metal cloud to build a high-performance infrastructure for its clients.

In addition to speedy delivery, INAP’s portal provides a fully-integrated solution for video and audio streaming with an adaptive bitrate property—a real-time, continuous bitrate adjustment tool that adapts streams based on the capabilities and bandwidth of the client. Additionally, the mobile delivery property allows customers to publish and deliver content that adapts to a variety of mobile platforms like iOS, Flash, and Android. “Our innovative CDN packages and support for multiple platforms allows us to serve enterprises across verticals like eCommerce, healthcare, and gaming,” says Ruffolo. In an interesting case, INAP’s solutions have been proven to benefit Hi-Rez Studios, a privately held video-game developer based in Gerogia.

The studio wanted to deploy a scalable, high-performance IT infrastructure to host online games and provide an efficient, low latency network to deliver a near-life experience for gamers. Intermap deployed a combination of CDN packages along with their patented MIRO technology that chooses the fastest route based on latency, packet loss and stability, resulting in low latency and high network availability. The online-gaming platform of Hi-Rez Studios can now manage massive traffic spikes during new game releases, as well as other game traffic peaks and valleys. As a result, gamers were able to experience better gaming performance within the Hi-Rez’s Network that now has higher availability with the most efficient routing methods.

INAP’s solutions have enabled many multimedia services to accelerate the delivery of applications to distributed audiences, allowing for better customer engagement and a sturdier online presence. “From the beginning, our mission was to make the Internet perform at its maximum level. The tools to accomplish this have changed drastically over the decades, but our obsession in unlocking the Internet’s full potential has never wavered,” concludes Ruffolo.


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Michael Ruffolo, President & CEO

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