Incentives Solutions: A Recipe for Sales Growth in the Food Industry

CIO VendorTal Frank, Co-CEO
With all the talks and understanding of the competitive nature of today's economy, no wonder why sales performance management (SPM) continues to be a "game changer". It is the key for bigger and better sales which every CEO, VP sales and CFO are looking for. The conversion of marketing initiatives and opportunities to more sales, larger market share and improved margins are all becoming ever so scientific. Incentives management budgets are always associated with sales and they continue to grow in volume and in strategic importance.

It is widely accepted that Food and Beverage sales commissions are leading the "complexity charts" across verticals. The planning, managing and paying processes are complicated multi-dimensional, ever changing, high transactional and painfully reoccurring processes. Yet the rewards of leveraging this important business process are significant, measurable and can be achieved in a relatively short time.

Recognizing these trends is Incentives Solutions, a company identified globally for its work with companies that are striving to become high performing organizations focusing on sales execution. Its Incentives SPM and Joopy platforms provide a full suit, best of breed incentives and commissions management system that complement the existing ERP, CRM and other IT systems of the organizational IT backbones.

Incentives Solutions has become a leading F&B SPM solutions vendor due to strategic best practices that are embedded in its cloud solutions and their ability to be deployed relatively quickly due to the comprehensive "out of the box" suit. The system is designed to put the "business owner(s)" at the wheel, independent to manage the planning, on-going business processes and able to make most necessary changes with very little IT support. It provides a powerful and professional transformation from the Excel based practices or bespoke systems that are commonly used for this processes. The company is into cross vertical solutions ranging from life science, travel and airlines, hi-tech, automotive industry, financial services, and telecommunications among others and consider the "cross pollination" of its business solutions to be a real factor in its successful track record.

The key differentiator that places the company a cut above the rest is the systems' Wizdom and their simulation environment which is used for all the "back office" planning and equally as important at the sales person end by providing next best-action (NBA) suggestions and other situational guidance for the sales person.

Our systems enable customers to squeeze more "juice" out of their "incentives carrots" and create the right alignment between the organizational goals, its commission's structure and employee results

“Our delivery consultants are constantly on the sales performance management front, working with various customers across the globe. They add direct value for our existing and new customers through their constant learning and provide a significant value by applying innovations and updates of best practices, KPIs and functionalities that are embedded in the systems," explains Tal Frank, Co-CEO at Incentives Solutions.

The use cases of Incentives Solutions range from dealing with new competitors applying market penetration prices, territory management issues, product visibility, campaign management to retention of top performers. The most distinctive common denominator of customers reporting on the benefits of the systems is t he agility factor. The ability to leverage the understanding of market conditions, make the best facts-based management decision and apply tactical operational steps is a result of the holistic approach of the system.

“F&B is one of the most exciting lines of business we serve and at the same time a unique one”, affirm the Co-CEO. "The sales person's job is very difficult, often quite lonely too. The importance of focus and day-to-day motivation is dramatic. In this "social networks" era, peer collaboration is leveraged in our systems for recognition, coaching and team support on one hand while promoting competitiveness and excitement on the other. The Incentives SPM system is often the most trusted and important "friend" of the sales person," concludes Frank.

Incentives Solutions

Netanya, Israel

Tal Frank, Co-CEO

Incentives Solutions enables enterprises to leverage their incentives budgets by optimizing the incentives and commissions pay process and accelerate employee performance.