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Diane Robinette, CEO and President
Spreadsheets play a vital role in every organization and their complexity and critical nature continue to grow. “Companies seek greater visibility into their business, however error-and risk- prone spreadsheets make this a challenge,” says Diane Robinette, CEO and President, Incisive Software.

Incisive Software was founded on the belief that with the right solution, companies should be able to continue to use spreadsheets in an enterprise-friendly way. Based in San Jose, CA, Incisive helps to find and identify critical spreadsheets for organizations and manage those spreadsheets. By providing Excel-oriented collaboration capabilities, workflow, version control, alerting and reporting, organizations have confidence in their spreadsheets and the visibility required in making good business decisions.

Incisive’s flagship product, Xcellerator appears right in the Excel Ribbon, allowing end-users to work within an application they are already comfortable and familiar with. “Excel users gain visibility into spreadsheet errors and risks like hidden information and external references,” says Robinette. Xcellerator ultimately helps organizations minimize the risks due to human error, identify fraud and make decisions based on a clean data. End users can easily create custom tests within Xcellerator, to find potential risk or error that might be specific to their organization. Incisive’s Customer Success Team is available to help customers create the tests, if needed.

Xcellerator also accurately compares differences between spreadsheets, and provides a graphical display of how the spreadsheet is in context with other spreadsheets. “Once you’ve run Xcellerator and have an accurate spreadsheet, it is important for organizations to maintain visibility into critical spreadsheet data on an ongoing basis, and continually reduce risk,” says Robinette.

To address this need, Incisive also offers Concourse and Locator, which round out the company’s software offerings and are geared toward the enterprise versus the user. Locator and Concourse provide high level visibility into what is going on with spreadsheets across the organization.
“Spreadsheets are often used to collect data or as integration points between various enterprise systems like ERP, planning systems, and cloud-based applications. Locator will find these spreadsheets in an organization, and Concourse provides ongoing insight into how spreadsheet risks are being managed and mitigated.”

Incisive’s solutions have been recognized for accurately and reliably highlighting risks to give users confidence in their spreadsheet information. In one instance, Cathay Bank’s global risk management team had decided to proactively find and manage any critical spreadsheets. The goal was to find and prepare a detailed inventory of critical spreadsheets, research ways to mitigate financial risk, address regulatory requirements, and have the confidence in making strategic business decisions. The bank chose Incisive to be their spreadsheet risk management software provider. Incisive helped Cathay Bank to create a timely and accurate inventory of critical spreadsheets, continued their improvement on the spreadsheets, and sent automated alerts when some material within the spreadsheet was changed. Furthermore, Incisive helped to maintain transparency into what the spreadsheet users were doing and added the ability to quickly address the risks.

Our solutions ultimately help to minimize the risks due to human error, identify fraud and allow customers to make decisions on a clean data

Moving forward, Incisive is focused on adding new functionality to continue to enhance the user experience. The company is developing capabilities to integrate spreadsheet usage with some of the enterprise systems from hosted SAP solutions, to big data and business intelligence solutions. “We will also help companies continue to deal with regulations as they evolve by continuing to provide reporting capabilities around spreadsheet usage,” concludes Robinette

Incisive Software

San Jose, CA

Diane Robinette, CEO and President

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