inContact [NASDAQ:SAAS]: Transforming One-on-one Experiences

Paul Jarman, CEO
Believing that the margin between success and failure is very slim, forward thinking organizations consider their contact centers imperative to win consumer loyalty. However, with the proliferation of mobile devices, social media platforms, and other web services, the consumer expectation and behavior are transforming at a tremendous speed. This is pressurizing the contact centers to leverage the best technology out in the market to stay on the right side of the line while meeting customers’ demand. Empowering contact centers to deliver a seamless customer experience, inContact [NASDAQ:SAAS], a Sandy, UT based company offers a unified, multichannel cloud customer interaction platform, which is affordable and easy to manage, with fast and flexible implementation. inContact provides a robust combination of its technology, people and partners to smartly transform one-on-one experiences.

“Our global, carrier-grade infrastructure delivers enterprise-class scalability, 24/7 reliability and security that organizations demand,” says Paul Jarman, CEO, inContact. The company’s cloud-driven routing for interactions across all channels, including inbound and outbound voice, voicemail, email, chat, social media, SMS, IVR, voice portal, and self-service enables organizations to connect with customers seamlessly. inContact’s skill based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software is an efficient call resolution solution that matches callers in queue to best suitable agents. Pulling in essential customer data from CRMs like Salesforce, the software makes it easy for non-techies to use and update ACD. The ACD system is the “core” of the inContact platform as all of the company’s solutions require automatic call distribution and are built on its functionality. Being completely integrated with ACD software, the company’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions relieves agents to handle complex cases by its Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to- Speech functionalities.

Along with all these solutions, skillful and competent agents are necessary to deliver outstanding customer experience. Understanding this concern, the company offers robust suite of intelligent team management tools that transforms agent performance, streamline operation and automatically apply insights to ACD routing rules for improved customer interactions. inContact’s Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite enables organizations to optimize operational efficiency, leading to exceptional customer service.

Our global, carrier-grade infrastructure delivers enterprise-class scalability, 24/7 reliability and security that organizations demand

The suite comprises of next-generation workforce management, call recording, quality management, desktop recording, speech analytics and, performance management capabilities.

inContact proffers maximum flexibility with extended connectivity and additional monitoring options. The company’s easy to use Analytics and Reporting solutions allow contact centers to track critical metrics for smart business decisions. Firms can choose from an array of reporting solutions—pre-built reports, ad-hoc reporting or custom created reports to accurately track real-time management metrics with inContact’s customizable dashboards.

“At inContact, we strive to bring the best technology available to our customers so they may provide an exceptional experience with each client interaction,” asserts Jarman. In one instance, ExtremeTix, a ticketing service provider needed to establish a full-blown contact center in place as they expanded. inContact not only helped the client address their need with its cloud contact center solutions, but also helped gain business continuity through optimized call center efficiency, reduced call center staffing requirements, improved call center management, and increased customer and client satisfaction.

“With these escalating number of success stories, we are attracting new customers at a rapid pace,” reports Jarman. Analytics being critical component for firms to achieve business goals, inContact is planning to extend its analytics suite to include Natural Language Processing (NLP), which can be used for all types of contact center interactions. “These innovation capabilities put us in the driver's seat to lead the customer experience industry and give us confidence to enhance our future competency,” concludes Jarman.


Sandy, UT

Paul Jarman, CEO

Provider of a unified, multichannel cloud customer interaction platform