Indegene: Leveraging Technology to Drive Growth and Productivity Investing In Innovation In Operations, Analytics and Clinical Technology

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To go “beyond the pill” is a prevalent phenomenon in the healthcare industry today and behind this inversion in ideology, lies massive IT innovations. Harnessing the potential of technology, Indegene provides clinical and commercial solutions to healthcare organizations. The company primarily improves provider and patient engagement; optimizes commercial, medical, and R&D costs, improves regulatory and safety compliance, and accelerates revenues. Indegene focuses and builds on three blocks—operations, analytics, and clinical technology to drive efficiency in healthcare.

“Under operations, we cover medical and marketing capability which is delivered through our hybrid delivery model,” notes Manish Gupta, CEO, Indegene. The company engages in publication, regulatory writing, and develops medical content in interactive & innovative formats that are leveraged by doctors. Indegene also caters to the patient community by facilitating patient adherence through services and enabling technology. Another prominent area for Indegene outside of operations is healthcare analytics and technology. This includes clinical trial analytics, health economics and outcomes research, multichannel market analytics, and STAR ratings analytics. Indegene’s analytic solution, ChannelHQ integrates data from multiple data sources, simplifies them for consistent measurement, and provides analysis and optimization on communications of healthcare professionals in all commonly used channels. Conferring the onus on clinical technology, the company believes in building solutions that enable interactions between payers and providers. "We help companies use multichannel engagements to reach out to their physicians," remarks Gupta. This is supported through Indegenes’ technology platform, AptilonHQTM, a remote engagement solution which enables live, remote interactions between healthcare professionals and biopharmaceutical sales, marketing, service, and medical functions. This makes it effortless for medical reps to engage with physicians, share material and co-browse in a compliant way and increase facetime with physicians which is difficult in the traditional setting. Indegene is investing its efforts to bridge the rift in the payer industry by helping internal teams improve star and quality rating, where a high star rating is reflective of positive patient experience.
Indegene’s analytics model StarMaxTM—a web-based star rating assessment and benchmarking tool, allows star teams and quality and revenue departments to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses across all star measures; and compare each measure against industry average and plans.

Gupta is strongly of the opinion that developing on technology and driving thought leadership is extremely important for Indegene. “We are helping the industry move to a technology driven and multi channel driven engagement model for physicians from their old sales model,” remarks Gupta. For instance, one of Indegene’s clients wanted to deploy a multichannel engagement model for their physicians globally along with standardized technology used across the world. After deploying the right technologies, through ChannelHQTM, Indegene assisted the client to analyze data, capture it and take the next step in an informed and data driven way. The method also helped to deliver higher interaction time with physicians than what the client was getting from their regular rep model. This was accompanied with back-end analytics and prescriptive analytics, facilitating in meaningful insights for decision making.

We are helping the industry move to a technology driven and multi channel driven engagement model for physicians from their old sales model

Going forward, the company plans to develop on analytics by building a new product called Unity. “This product will bring in data sources from multiple places for payers in the U.S. and help them drive better clinical outcomes,” reveals Gupta. The company will continue to invest in their existing products—Channel HQ and StarMax. Ultimately improvements in data visualization and predictive analytics will stay to dominate most of Indegene’s investments in the upcoming years. Indegene Leveraging Technology to Drive Growth and Productivity Investing in Innovation in Operations, Analytics and Clinical Technology We are helping the industry move to a technology driven and multi channel driven engagement model for physicians from their old sales model.


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Manish Gupta, CEO

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