Indeni: Knowledge-Based Network Monitoring

Katie Burton, VP of Marketing
With the proliferation of connected devices and an evolving threat landscape, safeguarding corporate networks has become a considerably complex challenge. Recognizing the need for automation for network engineers to keep up with the pace of change, Yoni Leitersdorf, entrepreneur and technologist, laid the cornerstone of Indeni. The company’s knowledge platform proactively notifies administrators of issues, enabling them to take the necessary steps to solve problems before it can impact their network. “Our platform has an ever-growing database of knowledge related to Cisco routers, switches, and Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs). That knowledge coupled with the automation built into our platform allows us to identify issues with greater accuracy than traditional SNMP monitoring solutions,” states Katie Burton, VP of Marketing at Indeni.

Network components are quintessential elements of the connected experience. With the advent of IoT, network security has become the top priority along with network uptime. As a result, Cisco ASA, which is an important part of corporate networks and data centers, has gained traction. Indeni's knowledge platform, tailored for Cisco devices, identifies some of the most complex log, configuration, and metric related issues that cause devices to go offline. Granular errors such as license and certificate expiration, unusual spikes in CPU usage, VPN connectivity, as well as mismatches in physical and virtual operating systems, and more. Without Indeni, a network administrator must dedicate time to creating custom scripts or building reports inside an SNMP monitoring, log management, or Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution to ensure devices stay up and running.

The Indeni Knowledge Platform combines event correlation, network performance monitoring, and IT operations analytics to avoid critical device failures. As a result of Indeni’s integration to native device protocols such as Cisco ASA REST APIs and SSH, Indeni enables organizations to receive configuration, threshold, log, and knowledge-based alerts of imminent issues. The goal behind Indeni’s inception was to assuage organizations of network failures. By predicting device behavior and providing human readable remediation instructions, Indeni provides greater network visibility and helps avert impediments such as network downtimes.

We not only tell customers there’s a problem, but we provide them with the tribal knowledge of how to fix the issue fast

When subscribing to Indeni, customers have the option to enable Indeni Insight. When enabled, Indeni Insight sends non-sensitive device information to Indeni’s cloud for analysis against peer organizations. The knowledge gathered through Insight has transformed into a massive database of all network checks, misconfigurations, and alerts from enterprise networks across the globe. Ultimately, Indeni Insight enables customers to benefit from the experiences of their peers and avoid the mistakes that have led to network disruption in the past.

Katie emphasizes the need to architect a platform that can adapt to customer requirements, “Enterprise networks vary in shape and size; from the type of firewalls, load balancers, and switches in production, to the expertise of the individuals managing those devices. We have designed a platform that evolves in real-time alongside our client’s needs,” she explains. This can be further elucidated with a case study. In this instance, Indeni’s client had a hybrid firewall deployment which included devices from Cisco and Check Point. The operations team combated issues of performance degradation and an occasional network outage. Each time they experienced network issues, it resulted in lost customers from their gaming website. After connecting their devices to Indeni, the administrators were notified of VPNs dropping packets due to authentication errors in the Cisco and Check Point devices. Indeni’s alerts contained step-by-step instructions for the administrators to inspect the issue and to adjust the configuration settings to get things up and running again.

“We not only tell customers there is a problem, but we provide them with the tribal knowledge of how to fix the issue fast,” Katie notes.


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Katie Burton, VP of Marketing

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