Independent Technology Group: Integrating Complex Networking Solutions for Enterprises

Kevin Barker, CTO
Accessibility of fast, reliable and secure data and applications across any network is key for successful business operations. To meet this demand, Independent Technology Group (ITG) with its deep expertise in networking is helping enterprises to integrate solutions that can increase the flow of data across networks and also enable better access to information at the right time. ITG integrating with Juniper Network solution designs, enhances, and develops well-defined computer networks to resolve the complex situations revolving around the network area.

With over a decade of partnership with Juniper Networks, ITG is prioritizing application access through affordable, easy to install, and impactful tools to ensure easy flow of data in the network. “Our long and valuable relationship with Juniper Networks has paved the path to success in all projects in the networking market,” says Kevin Barker, Co-founder and CTO, ITG. The firm specializes in designing unique, creative and effective solutions to meet the complex enterprise networking challenges. ITG provides intelligent, real-time and secure traffic management tools and solutions to meet the multi-faceted demands of fast, reliable and secure networks. “Our explicit and diligent service to our customers has changed the way they are functioning, thereby presenting significant visibility and control over network clogging,” notes Barker.

ITG follows a unique methodology to craft and mould the network for enhanced enterprise needs, services and applications. Through this empirical approach, several firms have gained great benefits by implementing ITG’s strategy. For instance, a consulting firm needed a secure, nimble and dynamic networking facility across corporate and remote offices.ITG utilized Juniper Networks’ SRX Services Gateways, Unified Access Control, Wireless Controllers and Access Points to create a secure networking path for the client’s
corporate and remote offices. ITG utilized Juniper Networks’ SRX Services Gateways, Unified Access Control, Wireless Controllers and Access Points to create a secure networking path for the client’s corporate and remote offices.

With over 20 years of knowledge and deep expertise across the full spectrum of enterprise and networking. ITG has tailored most explicit solutions to meet the client's IT challenges. ITG's team of experts has helped several clients to achieve success across sectors: banking, marketing, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, retail and entertainment. The firm’s strong bond with Juniper has aided them to earn a name for themselves in all their ventures. Through Juniper's relentless support, ITG earned great accolades for its impeccable service and a number of clients,” acknowledges Barker. Moreover, ITG exhibits skills to optimize, secure and manage any kind of current network. ITG’s enterprise exclusive service allows customers to administer, configure and manage large distributed networks with minimal usage of tools.

Our joint collaboration with Juniper has created a great advantage for our progress in the networking segment

With so many aspects of the company differentiating them from the contenders, ITG is deepening their affiliation with Juniper to distance further from the rest of the competition. In addition, ITG is trying to extract more imports from their partners to support and assist their customers. “With Juniper’s help, we would like to extend our service with more interest to our customers. At the same time, we will be exploring new ideas to stabilize our position in the networking domain,” expresses Barker. The firm also has plans of expanding its customer base by organic and non organic means. Barker also expresses his intentions to meet the upcoming needs of the market, by collaborating with partners.

Independent Technology Group

Oak Park, CA

Kevin Barker, CTO

A specialized consulting firm that integrates complex network and security management solutions for enterprise customers.